How to Choose Birthday Gifts for Friends – Ideas for All Personalities

Birthday Gifts for Friends According to Their Personality

When searching for a birthday gift for our friends, we try to think of hobbies, interests and passions. But what if you think about their personalities?

This is a good point actually, because no gifts will make your friend happier than gifts given with love and care.

In order to make your life easier I came up with a long list of gift ideas for friends by their personalities.

So, let’s find out together what your best friend needs.

1. The duty fulfiller – ISTJ
How to choose birthday gift for someone extremely responsible in your life? Pretty easy indeed. Such type of personality seems to appreciate gifts that have practical use.

A kitchen chalkboard is a good one if your friend enjoys cooking. So they can keep their favorite recipes or meals close at hand. Some more ideas would be a nice knife set or a basket of spices. A difficult puzzle or a beer making kit for a beer lover would be good ones as well.

2. The mechanic – ISTP
This type of person likes to understand how things work. For the explorer in your life I suggest some fitness accessories (a portable heart rate monitor, for example) or a guide to photo editing. As they usually interested in extreme sports buy a tandem flying certificate or maybe a windsurfing session.

3. The nurturer – ISFJ
Someone who always agrees to pick you up from the bar will be pleased if you give them an unusual book called ‘Finish this book’ or a spa day. Share it together so that they will be touched by your attention. Yoga classes are a great gift to show your friend that you care about his or her rest, relaxation, and state of mind.

4. The artist – ISFP
A loyal and open-minded friend needs something original and creative. Come up with a paper shaker film roll for former filmmakers. Just imagine how badly they miss the days of film rolls.

A digital brush is the next creative birthday gift idea for your friend. A personalized stamp is an awesome one for writers or editors.

5. The protector – INFJ
Your individualistic friend will be impressed if you buy a subscription to his or her favorite magazine or an autobiography of someone they deeply respect. Some art supplies could be good if your friend needs them.

6. The idealist – INFP
Make your reflective and idealistic friend feel special. Buy, for example, a docking station for his or her stuff. There is not only a charger station for a phone, but also a key rack, watch holder and wallet support. And all these things are collected in one item.

The latest piece of technology will be a great birthday gift idea as well. These are cool gift ideas for the one in your life who are always looking for the next big thing.

7. The scientist – INTJ
If you have an intellectually untouchable friend, buy something that can help them to explore this world more deeply. A smart fitness bottle or maybe some foreign language discs to help them learn something new in a short time.

8. The thinker – INTP
Make your creative thinker friend go more creative! Some brain-teasing puzzles or a Rubik’s cube could just be perfect gifts.

9. The doer – ESTP
For that friend who always need to be in the spotlight I suggest giving something that will make him or her feel confident. The latest fashion is what you’re looking for! You can’t even imagine how many nice gifts you can give to your friend, from pretty jewelry for women to refined ties for men.

10. The guardian – ESTJ
A friend who always knows what they want will be pleased with a gift card. While other types of personalities don’t really hold much truck with receiving gift cards as birthday gifts, this type is absolutely glad to get it. An expensive pen or an e-book would be good ones as well.

11. The performer – ESFP
For the fun lover in your life come up with a ping pong table, sport shoes, iPod, some accessories for sport, dumbbells, etc… could be great items to buy!

12. The caregiver – ESFJ
Gardening shoes are always useful for a garden lover, as well as herb scissors, for example. I gave my fiend a triple plant stand last year and she was so excited to put plants in it.

13. The inspirer – ENFP
If your friend is an enthusiastic creator give them a hand-crafted notebook where they can write all their ideas. Noise canceling headphones, books, and pottery classes are those gifts will fit your friend the best.

14. The giver – ENFJ
Anything personalized and customized is the right way to go. Some jewelry, a wine club membership certificate for wine lovers, vintage poster, a mixtape full of his or her favorite music, electronic rock guitar T-shirt, vinyl record frame or bowl, etc…

15. The visionary – ENTP
For this type of personality you can buy tickets to a music festival as they like to know everything ahead of time. Some classes would be also great ideas to come up with as a birthday gift.

16. The executive – ENTJ
This strong personality needs something relevant to be given as a birthday present. For example, a foot massager would be a great idea. Other useful ones would be a beer holster for men or a bathtub caddy for women.

Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you didn’t find the gift you were looking for please tell me in the comments and we’ll search for it together. I’ve probably missed to some types of personalities, so you can help me with it as well by writing down your suggestions in comments below.

Share this article with your friends in order to help them find the best presents ever. Let’s give them the presents they’ve always dreamed about!

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