15 Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend That Will Make Her Year

15 Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend That Will Make Her Year

‘What should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?’ is the most popular question each man asks himself anticipating her day.

The answer is simple: do something that comes from your heart. And make her see that you went out of your way to make it unforgettable.

In greater details? I turned the internet on its head in order to find these gifts for you. And you know what? I was lucky enough to find 15 birthday gifts for your girlfriend that will make not only her day but entire year more than unforgettable!

Well, here’s the list!

1. Make one of her dreams come true. I’ll give you a tip. If she adores singing and always dreamed to record a song, give her a recording studio certificate. If she always wants to bail out, give her a tandem skydiving session.

2. How about making your girlfriend’s birthday really unusual? Send a car to pick her up after a day at work. But surprise her in the car with a dozen roses and plans for a weekend getaway!

Pick a nice hotel with karaoke bar or/and jacuzzi. Organize a candlelit dinner of her favorite meals. After take a bubble bath or go skinny dipping under the starry sky. Make her holiday full of surprises so that she’ll remember it forever.

3. Take her on a cruise around the world or go spend two weeks in Paris! Give her tickets in a creative way. For example, leave them in a stack of papers on her desk or, vise versa, frame them with a picture of Eiffel Tower on the background.

4. Guess the riddle: what woman adores, but man hates and both – most of all? That’s right – it’s shopping! Take her for a day of shopping. But the real point is in buying a very sexy bra, perfume and then have a long busy night…

5. Book her favorite restaurant for the night and invite all her close friends and family. Tell her that you’re going to spend her birthday with a couple of friends. Keep your idea in secret til the moment you get to the restaurant and everyone screams: ‘Surprise!’

6. Sentimental gift. Here’ there are a million ideas. First, turn your first photo together into a piece of art. You can place it on a cork board as well as in a locket or just frame in a heart. Second, write a romantic letter and put it in a bottle. Third, order a flower delivery to her window! But make sure she’ll be at home on her birthday night. Order a gift basket full of chocolates and candies as well. In few words, make her melt into tears of joy!

7. While searching for unforgettable birthday gift ideas for girlfriend I found one cute opinion which I want to share with you. At least, I found it unusual.

A girl said that her favorite birthday gift was time spent at salsa dancing lessons. Guys, she’s talking sense! Think over your girlfriend’s hobbies. Whether it’s hiking or painting – share it with her. I think a perfect birthday is when you spend it doing what you like the most with your favorite person. Make her feel this way.

8. Living far from each other? The next gift is for those who have a good deal of money. Give her a car. And it shouldn’t necessarily be an expensive one. Believe me, putting by money for a long time and finally coming up with a huge birthday present is worth to see her happy eyes.

9. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A gorgeous ring or jewelry set would be a good ones to make her remember it her whole life. Pearls are a classy birthday gift for girlfriend as well. Find whatever caught her eye when shopping. It’ll show her your attention to detail.

10. For an LDR girlfriend I have another great gift idea! Tell her that you’re too tired or busy or whatever comes to your mind to visit her on holidays. But then bam, turn up at her door with a bunch of her favorite flowers, but the more desired gift will be you, of course.

So, guys, have you ever acted as a birthday gift? Not yet, right?

11. What do you think can melt her heart at a glance? Something she keeps for a long long time. Something she will love even more than you… A pet! Give her a little puppy or kitten and she’ll be very glad to have such boyfriend as you.

12. How about a spa day, manicure, pedicure and finally a gift card to her favorite store so she could buy something nice for dinner? I think she would be very happy!

13. Professional photo shoot. This gift surely will be remembered if you come up with a cute idea for it. Choose her favorite places – the woods, or even the beach. You can also make it more extreme – on the roof or while horse riding.

14. The day before her birthday you could fill her room with a bit of magic. Take all of the pictures from different places you’ve been before and hang them on the wall under her bed.

Buy a bunch of balloons and fix little love messages to the other end of ribbon. Place them all over the room and make her find them one by one.

Make her a delicious breakfast and bring it to her in bed. Some little gestures are enough to make her birthday really unforgettable.

15. Propose to her.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you like it – share with your friends. I’m always looking to receive feedback from you in the comments.

If I’ve missed something to add and you know some better birthday gift ideas for girlfriends – tell me about them in comments as well.

I hope you make your girlfriend’s birthday amazing!

Written by Joseph Trentini

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