Top 15 Creative Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend: Unique and Effective

Top 15 Creative Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend: Unique and Effective

Looking for a creative birthday present for your loving boyfriend? Then today is your lucky day. I have compiled a list of the top creative birthday presents for a boyfriend.

1. Floating Memories: This can be achieved just with a pack of balloons, ribbons and a piece of cardboard.

You will need to cut the cardboard into little pieces of heart shaped cards, write different love messages/birthday wishes on these cards, and then fasten each card to an inflated balloon using ribbons.

2. Picture slideshow or video message: The technology growth of our generation also presents us with the opportunity to easily create slideshows and video messages even free of charge.
You just need to figure out how to narrow down the pictures that you intend using. Actually, I realized grouping pictures by humor helps out here.

Just select funny pictures of him or you both together and add your message as text in the slide show. You can also add your desired song to it. The options are endless.

3. Love coupons: Get coupon templates and fill it up with your ideas. These coupons will be redeemable prior to meeting certain conditions. You have the right to a lot of options, the more kinkier the better.

You can have ideas such as: cooking his favorite meal, get out of a quarrel free, slave for a day, erotic massage, and so on.

However, at the back of the coupon should be conditions to consider before selecting any. For example, for the coupon with slave for one day, there could be – valid only on weekends or a nonworking day – at the back of the coupon.
As much as this is a creative birthday gift, it also nourishes the relationship.

4. Game treat: This is most ideal if he has a particular sport that he loves. You just need to follow up the game calendar during the period of his birthday (a day or few after) for a crucial or interesting match. Purchase two tickets to the game and add it to a birthday message.

Also allow him the option of selecting whoever he wants to accompany him to the game – it does not necessarily mean he has to go with you. Some guys are seen to enjoy such sport activities with their friends more than girlfriend, so let him have that freedom this time – he could even prefer to go with you!

5. Love jar: An empty clear jar, a pair of scissors, pen or crayons, and a piece of cardboard, are all you need here. Asides the materials, you also need time to write down things or reasons why you love him.

Cut the cardboard in little pieces, write these reasons on them and add all to the jar. He gets to take out and read just one everyday, so he has an additional reason to feel loved for a long time even after his birthday.

6. Candlelight dinner: Some say, food is one of the ways to a man’s heart. Not just any food, but a delicious meal.

Do well to prepare his favorite meal and top it up with a bottle of quality wine. Light up scented candles and have a dinner for two. This should be the last on the agenda for such a day, because the dinner will sure end the day well.

7. Certificate/vouchers: Purchase a gift certificate for massage, or even for his favorite joint. Make sure the certificate is worth two or three pints and add a note that helps him understand that he can spend the night out with the boys.

8. Message in balloons: Write a poem, letter, or message for your boyfriend. Divide into segments/paragraphs, tear into separate parts and put in different balloons. Inflate these and place at different part of the apartment, such that it creates a trail to a much bigger gift at the end.

9. Award/trophy: Walk into a trophy store with your idea of award for your boyfriend. Sometime just a best boyfriend award would do just fine. Besides, you should endeavor implementing some romantic award ideas, or trophies that would work only in the bedroom. 😉

10. Year of dates in a basket: You will need 48 little pieces of paper, 12 envelopes, a pen, and a basket. Plan a date for every weekend in a month – that would be 4 dates in a month. Then do this for every month in a year – that would be 4 dates multiplied by 12 months. Add these into each envelope; one envelope for one month. Tag the envelopes and put all in a basket.

Add your birthday message and present this to him. Now you have a year of pre planned dates. Make sure your date ideas are not biased or selfish. Leave room for options such as: his choices, her choice, eating indoor, eating out, cashless dates, dates on you, dates on him, etc.

11. Poem: it is time to dust up your poetry skills if you are like me – a poetry wet blanket. You can go through samples in books or on the Internet, and then select ones that reflect your feelings for him.

Ensure you do not just copy and paste a poem. Make effort to customize or compose yours; it definitely will have a personalized feel.

12. Wrap yourself in a bow: This one works always. This should be the last gift of the day, because after taking off bow, you sure know what follows.

13. Compile a naughty kit for him: collect whipped cream, a blindfold, handcuffs, and so on. The more creative, the better it will be. For sure he would appreciate this and it will help make the relationship more interesting for you both.

14. Movie treat: Some people go ahead to buy tickets for a movie and present it to their boyfriend; how are you sure that is the movie he wants? Though he is your boyfriend and you should know the kind of movies he loves, but you should give him the opportunity to select this time.
No matter how ridiculously violent, plotless, or scary the movie might seem – just pretend you enjoy it. However, you might really enjoy it!

15. Heart attack: This is literally bombarding him with a lot of hearts; sure it sounds interesting. Get a gift box, cardboard, and a pair of scissors.

The size of the box depends on how much heart shaped cardboards you are ready to cut. Aside from cutting, you should have a list of messages, poems, things you love about him, how he makes you feel, etc., cut a lot of heart shaped cards and write these on each heart. Add all to the box and send to him.

Let me know if you have more ideas that you feel will do great on this list. Do well to share with us – which of the gifts you found more effective for your boyfriend.

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