23 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

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gift ideas for a man who have everything

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There are a lot of different birthday gifts for men who have everything, and it is important that you take the time to look through some of them before deciding what to get someone special to you, whether it is a friend, family member, or significant other.

1. Say Happy Birthday in a Video

Record a Happy Birthday video for someone you know. Your video will be both a great present for birthday and a warm memory through the years.

2. Pocket Projector

A pocket projector is a great gift for a man who has everything; it is completely portable and can be used for doing presentations at work as well as watching movies.

3. Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heating Option

One of the best birthday gifts for man who has everything is a device that goes over his neck and shoulders to massage and heat their muscles for a very relaxing and soothing sensation.

4. Motorized Grill Brush

Grilling outside has never been easier than with a motorized grill brush. This is definitely one gift that all men who love BBQ will appreciate.

5. Bluetooth Heart Rate Headset

Guys who love running and working out will love to have this headset which connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth to play music, monitor their heart rate, and allow them to answer and make calls.

6. FastGolf Portable Golf Game

If you know someone who loves to golf, this portable golf game will allow them to practice their swing almost anywhere. This game folds up and can be a great gift for any man who loves to golf and wants to work on his game.

7. Portable Power Supply

A portable power supply is great for men of the outdoors as well as those who want to have a backup for when the power goes out. Many of these power supplies come with lights for seeing in the dark and can power anything from televisions to stereos as well as small appliances. This is definitely a great thing for a guy to have.

8. Toy Helicopter

Help your friend or family member to release his inner child with a toy helicopter. Some of these helicopters are a lot of fun and great way to spend a summer afternoon in the park.

9. PlayStation VR

New, Fun & Awesome VR headset. This is one of the best virtual reality devices out there.

10. Race a Ferrari

Nothing beats the experience of getting to race a Ferrari, and it is something that almost every guy who jump at the chance for. If you are having trouble finding the right gift to get a man in your life, this might just be it.

11. Pickle of the Month Club

Pickle of the Month Club
There are lots of different types of pickles and this gift might just be perfect for the man who has everything.

12. Camp Chef All-in-One Outdoor Cooking System

Any man who likes to cook outside will be sure to appreciate this all-in-one cooking system which will allow them to make whatever they want whenever they want.

13. 3 Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser

If the man you know has a bar at home, it might be a good idea to get him a 3 bottle revolving liquor dispenser so he can fill up glasses faster and more efficiently than ever before.

14. Golf Cigar Holder

Does your man like to smoke cigars while he plays golf? One of these holders that he can attach to his golf bag might just be the perfect gift for him.

15. Liquid Metal Golf Clubs

Golf clubs that are made from liquid metal are both extremely unique and have been proven to hit balls farther. If you know a guy who wants to improve his swing, this might be just the thing he needs.

16. Jukebox

There is nothing like listening to the songs of yesteryear on an authentic jukebox, so why not spring for one and give him something he has always wanted for his man cave?

17. Numark iDJ Live Software Controller

This device allows those who use to spin their own tunes in a club, at a wedding reception, or even in the privacy of their own home. If you know a guy who loves to DJ, this is a truly amazing gift that they will love and get lots of use out of.

18. Soulra Solar Powered Sound System

This solar-powered sound system is both eco-friendly and can blast out the windows with its thumping bass and extremely high quality sound. Any guy who loves listening to music while doing his part to protect the environment will love this gift.

19. Beer Tasting Kit

For the guy who loves drinking beer, a beer tasting kit will allow him to try a variety of new brews to expand his tastes while enjoy the sudsy goodness that each one has to offer.

20. Rechargeable Corkscrew

A rechargeable corkscrew is a neat and practical gift that lots of guys will appreciate it. Next time he goes to open up a bottle of Merlot or Cabernet, he will be able to use this fun little gadget.

21. Portable Ping Pong Set

Guys who like a nice game of ping pong will find that a portable set will allow them to play whenever and wherever they want, as long as there is a flat surface.

22. Personalized Golf Balls

Any guy who likes to golf will get a kick out of having a set of personalized golf balls with his name on them.

23. iPhone Projector

An iPhone projector will allow your man to play videos on his phone and project them onto any wall. This device is also great for showing off family vacation pictures and many other things, making it the best birthday gift for a man who has everything.

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