What to Get Your Boyfriend for His Birthday: 26 Golden Gift Ideas by Personality

What to Get Your Boyfriend for His Birthday 26 Golden Gift Ideas by Personality

When the time of his birthday comes, the mind of every loving girl is blown with the question: what to get your boyfriend for his birthday?

Often we try to come up with something uncommon, pricy and certainly extraordinary. But the main point is in a personal affiliation of the gift.

To choose the best present for your boyfriend is a challenge, no doubt. For this you need to take into account some important factors as: his hobbies, interests, passions. Think over his favorite songs, films, DVD games, play teams. Finally, think over his childhood, stories based on his life, some memorable moments, etc.

Think over these tips, then you’ll surely come up with a gift he duly appreciates. To give you some inspiration I listed 26 birthday gift ideas for boyfriends by their personalities. It’s a proven way to extend mind’s boundaries.

1. For a creative thinker – a whiskey wedge. Someone with template thinking never understands the point of dividing a glass into two parts. But only creative one knows that drinking chilled whiskey without adding ice cubes is a genius invention!

Try to buy your special one something that could deeply surprise him. For example, make a comic photo frame using three-four of your photos and selections of speech bubble stickers. If you have a pet, put its photo there as well. Make a kind of personalized comic piece of art to enjoy it with your sweetheart.

If you find a gift that could blow trivial minds, gift your boyfriend with it. He’d be very glad to get it, believe me!
2. If he’s a forever kidult. My boyfriend is a little kid when we wants eat or can’t force himself to wake up early in the morning. I think each boyfriend has something from a kidult. So, instead of gifting him with something of great importance give your humorist with a ‘piece of joke’.

For a kid in each of us, you can gift your boyfriend with a funny thing like a man bowl or a knight helmet hat or a nose soap dispenser. This is one of my favorite type of guys, because here you’re free to choose near any funny gift and he’ll appreciate it a lot.
3. For an adventure seeker – ‘Love is Art Kit’, for example. The set of colors is limited but the main ones (black, blue, brown, pink, red, green) are in stock. This amazing gift idea works like an extra reason to spend wild time together. Love doesn’t need reasons at all, but this one is exception.
4. For a guy-on-the-go – a wood mustache comb or a portable shave tech. Think over what can make him feel comfortable all the way. If he’s a keen traveler you can give him a micro scooter luggage or a personalized travel case. It shows him your care even being far away from each other.
5. If his hobby is a golf. Honestly, there are a tone of gift ideas for golf lovers: a toilet mini golf game, a golf coffee mug, a brassie drink dispenser. Pick the one you like the most and make your love man happy.
6. If he’s a sentimental cancer, give something that has a personal meaning for him. I found a cute library kit. You may buy his favorite book appropriate sized and put it there.

If you want to make it more memorable – come up with a handmade gift. It may be his favorite cupcake or a beaded picture of the two of you or simply your photo framed in a special way.

Whether it would be a handmade sweater or a his portrait drawn in pencil, be sure to leave a fantastic impression on him!

7. For an absent-minded one – a perfect-sized box for every stuff. Give your man a place to put there everything he often loses: ties, socks, cufflinks, belts…etc. For key loser I found a wireless key finder. So your boyfriend will never be late to work any more.
8. For a geek I suggest you to pick gift which could express all the might of his sizable intellect! Measure ring is just the thing! While having complicated calculations he’d be very proud of having an accurately-measure ring.

Recycled keyboard notebook is another sample of perfect gifts for such guys. Remember that geeks always monitor the latest in technologies. So gifting your sweetie with a last model of cell phone or with the newest I-device is a great way to melt his heart.
9. For a pedant. Tube-wringer is a funny gift, you can fully show your beloved how much you love him even if he’s a nit picker.

10. If he’s a charismatic leader he’d like to get a relevant gift from his girlfriend. Birthday gifts for such guys should be kind of expression of their superiority. Try to choose something really unusual, BUT what he’s going to appraise.

I liked this laser putter. If your love man is a compulsive golf player, he’d like it a lot! This is a portable device helps your sweetie to see where the ball is headed.

Here you can also consider modern inventions as gift ideas for your boyfriend. Gold jewelry, for example, is a good one to make him excited. Ultimately, everything that make him proudly boast to his friends would be a great choice.

11. For those guys who always stay in shape – a five finger running shoes or a smart pedometer, for example. These items help to improve his fit and make bigger efforts on the way toward self-perfecting.

You can also choose to gift him with a couple of tickets to his favorite sport game. Such guys like dynamic time-passing, so riding bike along beach would be a good gift idea as well plus you could spend more time together!
12. For incredible organized guys. Such men adore practical gifts. Whether you come up with a modern waterproofs watches or shoe brushes, he’ll duly appreciate your efforts.

13. If he’s a musician – something lyrical. If he’s a virtuoso guitarist gift him with a set of agate guitar picks. These ones on the picture is really charmed.

Tickets to a concert of his favorite music band are a perfect opportunity to have fun. Often artists are shut-in personalities ones, so try to enjoy the concert together in order to make him feel happier.

Another idea could be an old soul record with a bottle of his favorite wine. Bring some charm to the gift you’re going to present someone you care about.

14. For a beer lover and Iphone user in one. If your sweetheart can’t imagine life without a beer give him a bottle opener case. So, he can always keep his opener handy.
15. For a busyness-man. How about flash-drive cufflinks as a birthday gift idea for your boyfriend? Make him feel like a secret agent.
16. For a work dork lover. Some relaxation between job is for the betterment of him. A robe for the rest at home and a meditation box for the rest at work.

17. For a road warrior. I found this amazing power cup allows your boyfriend to charge his devices any time and any place he needs. Besides coffee testing, this cup can fully charge his gadgets in a short time.
18. For a chain-smoker. Zippo hand warmer may be a doubly-useful gift for him. Plus if you’re from cold lands, he’d be pleased to always have warm hands.

19. For an extreme hero. Give him a flyboard experience certificate. Emotions are the best gift ever! Make your beloved remember his birthday for the lifelong.

20. For a long walk lover. This convenient tea mug is just for go! Two compartment mug allows your boyfriend to make his favorite tea and keep it fresh all the walk long.
21. For a goody-goody. Such kind of guys pay more attention to the details. Shower squids are a сute interior addition to his bathroom.

22. For a drink lover. This adorable stone drink dispenser will make your boyfrind excited with using it. Nobody can get a whiskey from a stone, but you beloved is almighty.

23. For a retro-lover. There are a tone of birthday gift ideas for such a boyfriend. But this wooden tie is the coolest in my view.

24. For a fan of Vikings I found an amazing das horn mug.
25. For a romantic dreamer the best gift is a hand-crafted ‘What I Love About You ’ book.

26. For a D student. This math formulas tie is just the thing!
Whether your boyfriend is a romantic guy, a confident businessman or an artistic person – you’ll receive a mass of thankful words if you give him those birthday gift he’s always dreamed about.

So, make maximum use of my list of birthday gift ideas for boyfriend and come up with one he’ll duly appreciate.

Share it with your friends! If you have something to add – please, feel yourself free in comments below. I’m always waiting for a feedback from you!

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