21 Cute Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend: Proven List of Advices

21 Cute Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend: Proven List of Advices

Do you also find it true that boyfriends are the harder ones to come up with gifts for? I always used to think that birthday is the only day of the year when you can create something really worth and leave the best impression behind…

I run throughout the Internet and found 21 awesome opinions on how to make boyfriend’s birthday unforgettable. These girls experienced all the gifts I listed here and remained satisfied as well as their love men.

Instead of gifting your boyfriend with something common, you can create\buy one of these things and make his Big Day really amazing!


1) “I bought sole-colored tie and printed a picture of his adore singer (Billie Joe Armstrong) on it. He was very excited to get such a tie as a birthday gift. I remember how my friend Anna did almost the same but handmade. She took her boyfriend’s favorite tie in secret from him. Then bought cloth decorating colors and wrote something like: ‘best BF ever’ on it. That was really cool to wear him in a cute way.” Caroline, 16

2) “As my love man has a job which requires a lot of sitting time in the office, I decided to gift him with a Zen Garden. He always wants something that can calm his nerves while hard working. So, that was the best I came up with.” Melissa, 19

3) “Once my boyfriend said that he’s going to become a kind of serious man – businessman. I always joke about it, because he’s still adore playing with toy motors or constructing Lego installations. That’s why I gifted him with Lego cufflinks! He was so pleased!” Jessie, 17

4) “Last year I bought my boyfriend a bike lunch bag with our joint photo printed on it. He can’t even imagine life without riding bike. Now whenever we go, he always takes his lunch bag alongside. I’m glad to guess right what he really needs.” Kate, 15

5) “When my boyfriend turned 21, I presented him a huge basket filled with various alcohols. Of course, he had already tried it, but I wanted to bring some special mood for making him feel like he’s a real adult now.” Nikki, 20

6) “When my boyfriend’s birthday almost reached full term, I decided to come down to the point with a little bit of fun. What I’ve created was really cute! I took a dozen of his favorite Snickers and near 15 cans of beer. Then I placed tinny on the bottom as a hardpan. I put sticks slightly narrower on the top of tinny making kind of stairs. Finally, I came up with a fun birthday cake made from his favorite candies and drinks! Don’t forget to decorate it with gift wrappings.” Alice, 22

7) “I adore dishing up something unusual! And my love man blends in with a crowd of compulsive PS gamblers. As a creative girlfriend I decided to combine our passions in one cute gift: I cooked him a PS cake! If you only could saw his face when I entered his room handled this cake with 2 candles on it!” Rachel, 19

8) “I made a box and filled it with little pleasant presents, like: wish cookies, tiny handmade candies, origami hearts, tiny bottles with messages inside (cuter than it seems to be), CD with his favorite songs, kiss coupons, pop-ups with jokes inside, different counterfoils, tickets from cinema, kinder surprises, etc. Withal, I pasted box with our together photos and lovely messages clear only for the two of us. He was deeply touched with it!” Phoebe, 17

9) “Probably, my gift idea for boyfriend may seem to be an ordinary one, but we both enjoyed the process of its creation. I bought 2 black T-shirts: one for me and the other one for him. Then I brought them to the local print shop where masters slapped on white wings print. My T-shirt was printed with one wing and boyfriend’s with another. It was really cute to dress them every time we’re going to have a walk.” Candice, 23

10) “Unfortunately, I wasn’t nearby my sweetheart on his Big Day. But I didn’t forget to send him an awesome birthday text at exactly midnight of his birthday. Maybe you may think that I didn’t sleep till the expected time and waited for the moment to press ‘Send’, but I actually did sleep and my message was delivered on time. How? Simple and easy way!

Have you ever heard about messages to the future? Me too, but I never tried it until my boyfriend’s birthday rap on the door. So, I started monitor services for it and finally pitch upon one that allows you to send messages (video or slideshow) to the future at a specified time and place.

I picked quotes from all our letters we used to write to each other the last 2 years and pasted them in my sideshow-message. Plus I added short phrases written on our love language. Then I arranged our joint photos in date order included some of pictures which I surely know would make him melt. Finally, I added a few anecdotes in the end and tape 3-seconds video where I blew him a kiss.” Jane, 22

11) “Being on the brink of breakup I banked on something that holds special meaning for the two of us. Pondering on what it could be, ultimately I came up with our first date place. Fortunately, it wasn’t underground or sex-shop, it was a gorgeous park zone. That’s why I decided that joint lunch in the place where we first met would be the best one! I bought his favorite bottle of Brandy, little cute candles and some meal. We had a great time together. That has really strengthened our relations!” Stacy, 19

12) “My boyfriend is a big fan of good food, especially when dealing with wines. I decided to gift him with a year of delight. I bought him an annual membership coupon which gave him an opportunity to receive a bottle of wine and interesting information on it each month within a year. It was really awesome – he used to recall me in memory each time when he’d got just another bottle. Such a pleasant gift showed I’ve put in time and efforts and he appreciated it a lot!” Alex, 18

13) “I gave my boyfriend a moment to remember. First, I picked photos of the happiest moments from our life. Then I bought a lot of helium balloons and fix one photo to each balloon. I tried to make in secret from him with the help of his Mom. We decorated his bedroom in such a wonderful way!” Kristina, 17

14) “A big candy message is just the thing! I made my boyfriend smile when gifted him with this handmade poster. It seems to be a hard-to-make one, but it’s not! Come up with an idea of your message and then stick it with covers of his favorite candies. My boyfriend so liked it that he didn’t want to eat candies! I was so happy to make him feel excited.” Sarah, 24

15) “Last month I was just out of ideas of what to get my boyfriend on his birthday. Maybe you won’t believe but I gifted him with…simple shoes! I bought a pair that he really wanted to and packed them in a very cute way: I wrote a lovely quote on the top of a box and decorate it with little paper hearts and kisses. It should seem that shoes are not a very cool idea to be gifted to your boyfriend. But as it turned out it all depends on how you’re going to present your gift.” Ashley, 20

16) “My boyfriend’s an unfledged writer. I wanted to surprise him with some awesome book. Finally, I can’t came up with the better one but a handmade. I mean I bought a ready-for-use one but fill it with my own lines. The book’s called ‘You’re the best because…‘. I found a lot of lovely quotes and put it there supplementing with photos of the two of us. He was very happy to receive such a cute gift from his girlfriend.” Hilary, 15

17) “Anticipating my boyfriend’s birthday I came to him and beautify the wall above his bed with a big cardboard decoration in form of caterpillar. I lend his childhood photos and attached them one by one (in chronological sequence) on each caterpillar uromere. Then I signed photos, like: ‘Newborn’, ‘1 month’, ‘3 years’ etc. The biggest challenge was to be all over him and left him no chance to enter his room. Successfully, his sister helped me with it. His reaction was worth trying so hard!” Britney, 18
18) “As someone who adores sleeping till the cows come home, my boyfriend asked me to gift him with a new blanket. He was kidding, of course, but I acclaimed it enthusiastically! I bought a huge one and ordered to print a picture of his favorite sports team on it. In sum, the gift turned to be ‘the best he’s ever had!’ (quote verbatim). I stayed glad as well!” Lilly, 21

19) “I’ve been dated my boyfriend for 5 years. For this time I gifted him with every possible things! I no longer hoped to touch off a storm of amazement, BUT! I succeeded! I’m going to tell about my idea, but let’s keep it in secret, ok? Drum-roll…a helicopter ride over the city! It was so awesome! He did a double look before understood that it wasn’t a joke! We planned to make it at sunset, but something went wrong and we set out at the crack of dawn. Thanks God that everything was turn in such a way, because we were lucky to see all the greatness of the orient sun. I’ll never forget those glint in his eyes…” Taylor, 20

20) “I think the best gift for my boyfriend I’ve ever came up with was a scrapbook with a mass of our photos. His friends helped me with creating it. We tried hard to find album as thick as anything, because we needed to storage almost five hundreds photos! Then we wanted to sign each picture. So in common the whole process took a week. But if you want to make something worth – make it handmade.” Helen, 18

21) “This month my boyfriend turned 22. And my head’s filled by a tone of fresh ideas. I’d like to share with you one that I liked the most. As he lives in a really big house I decided to use this space at a profit. I bought 22 different but sentimental gifts (that would make him smile) and placed them throughout the house. You may be thinking that I organized a simple treasure hunt game, but I didn’t support him with clues. Instead of this, I linked them together so that he follows a certain route and finally reaches his bedroom where I was waiting for him.” Nicole, 19

Well, ladies, which one you liked the most from my list of cute birthday gifts for boyfriend? By the way, if you have something to add – feel free in comments below! I’m always looking forward to receive a feedback from you!

In addition, let’s share stories with each other about the cutest birthday gifts you’ve ever donated to your sweethearts. What kind of gift you presented to him? Whether it was a kind of purchase or a handmade one? What was his reaction?

If you found this article useful – send it to your friends! Remember, it’s never too late to make his next birthday better than the previous one.

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