22 Most Sexy Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends: Effective and Unique

22 Most Sexy Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends Effective and Unique

It’s his birthday again and this time I just don’t want to give him a special birthday present, but a sexy one.

Now the problem is how do I select the best sexy gift for him? This got me thinking for a while, and I embarked on a research for sexy gifts for him.

Here are new gift ideas for 2018

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Here are the shortlisted gifts ideas that I found interesting and worthwhile:

1. Naughty jar: This is an easy one for every girlfriend. You remember those naughty and romantic moments you had in your relationship?

That is just great, get them listed and write each one on a paper chit. Put all chits in a clear jar and present it to him with a message to help him understand that he can only take out one every morning and read. This gives him a bright smile and great mood for the day.

2. Video or photo slideshow message: Do you like to make sexy pictures or videos for your boyfriend? This actually does not literally mean naked pictures. There are tons of picture and video ideas, which I believe you need no tips to know how to go about this. So what are you waiting for? Start the picture session and don’t forget to add your personal message to it.

3. Treasure hunt: I believe we all once played the treasure hunt game, where you get certain clues to finding a treasure. The same can be applied here, set some clues around the house where he can see them, one will lead to trials and information for finding the next one, and so on.

At the end of the trial should be his treasure sexily dressed and waiting for him to redeem.

4. First kiss: The first kiss is an occurrence that cannot be easily forgotten in a relationship. Create clues that will lead him to that very location where you both kissed for the first time.

This will not just serve as a birthday adrenalin rush, but also a very romantic reminder for you both.

5. Fortune cookies: Remember those fortune cookies that granny used to make? It shouldn’t be left for granny alone to have fun with it; you can take advantage of this.

The cookies are very good for hiding little pieces of messages that can be used as hints to a much bigger event.

6. Romantic getaway: Purchase a voucher to a romantic weekend somewhere nice, but don’t just present him the voucher straight up.

There are lots of ways through which you can present this, either using flowers to make trail to it, or placing little notes all around the apartment to opt his curiosity till he finally gets to the gift at the end.

7. Mint gel: This is one that comes in handy for girlfriends that enjoy giving oral pleasure to their boyfriend, or boyfriends that adore this but the girl does not really enjoy it.

It gives a sensational mint feel to the boyfriend, while the girlfriend on the other hand gets a minty taste – just like eating some sweets. It gives pleasure to the both parties at the same time, as well as help strengthen the relationship and romantic moments.

8. Sex scratchers: Do you like winning jackpots? Here is an opportunity to a lot of sexual jackpots on his birthday.

These are like the usual lottery tickets, but with a lot of different sexy things and ideas to win as prizes.

9. Sexual position book: This is a book with a lot of mind blowing sexual positions. You might feel like you both know it all, but believe me, there are ideas that are not commonly seen around.

Of course it is not meant just to be viewed, the need to experiment will arise as well – what can be sexier than this on the evening of his birthday?

10. Fantasy card deck: This isn’t the usual card deck that we all know. Of course each card contains certain story lines.

When a card is selected from the deck, the player has to create a sexual fantasy from the scenario on the selected card. It gives room for spontaneity and excitement to your sexy hours together.

11. Massage oil: Everyone adores a well-done massage. Of course, buying this oil means you are ready to give him a massage as well.

The incredible nice scent of the oil itself is enough to get you both started even before finishing with the massage.

So, the massage oil could even end up not just for him, but for you also. A caring boyfriend will surely appreciate and reciprocate a good massage from his girlfriend.

12. Handcuffs: This serves as a basic invitation to most male. This comes in different forms, which helps the choice of variety and creativity.

The silver one can be used with you dressed up as a police officer, or the furry one with you dressed in some fairy costume. There are even the shower cuffs with a little suction cup to stick to wall tiles in the bathroom. Gets the fun going with a lot of creative ideas.

13. Silky boxers: There is something about silk that makes it stands out on them. Not just the appearance of course, they also feel very comfortable in it.

I’m sure he will have to try it on and pose for you in them – or wouldn’t you like to see how it looks on him?

14. Silk bed sheets: This sheet might not be the most comfortable to sleep on, but it boost the romantic feel of the room each time it is in use.

It doesn’t cost too much to get a luxurious and comfortable silk sheet. It won’t just be birthday gift but also an addition to the collection of things that make your romantic lives more interesting.

15. Love coupons: These are not just the usual coupons; these contain a lot of romantic and sexy ideas. These could include making his favorite dish, breakfast in bed, 30 minutes back massage with a bonus, slave for 24 hours, etc.

But there is a clause here; I noticed some of the coupon ideas couldn’t be achieved without previous planning. So in other words, to make the ideas feasible and comfortable, we will have some clauses written at the back of each.

For example, at the back of the coupon to become a slave for 24 hours, there should be a clause stating ‘only applicable on weekends or a non working day’.

16. Sexy dance classes: Have you considered investing in a few classes for a sexy dance like pole or strip? Take these classes for few weeks or months before his birthday and then give him a special dance session on his birthday.

Sure he will appreciate it as it is an act that he will find very sexy, while you on the other hand will stay in shape, gain more fitness, or even lose some weight.

17. Candy bra: Does he enjoy candies? Then do not disappoint him. Get a candy bra, which I see as a multipurpose gift.

He gets to eat a lot of candies and as well derive more pleasure beyond the candies.

Do well to buy a nice pair of fruit flavored edible underwear for him also, so he does not end up having all the fun alone 😉

18. Kama sutra twister: It is like the usual twister game where you have marks to place hands and legs. This one is just with a little difference, because the outcomes of the game gives combinations where you end up placing your hands, legs, and bodies in various sexy position. Besides, this game is meant to be played naked.

19. Boudoir photos: This does not mean you have to go naked; you just need a picture decently tempting enough.

You could ask a close friend to help you out with the pictures or simply go to a professional photographer for this.

Add an engraved saying and frame it. I’m sure he will hang this directly opposite his bed. You could actually make slideshows and send to him privately.

20. Love dice: This is like the usual set of dice, but with different possible outcomes. Instead of the regular number dots, we will have various sexual acts on every side. This comes in handy in the bedroom.

21. Game night: This is not a game night that you will want to play with other friends or family members around. This night would be one for just you and him.

With games such as strip poker, naked twister, scrabble, and spin the bottle. Just that after every turn in the game, one person has to take off a piece of clothing. The games could actually be easily rigged to end faster depending on your mood.

22. Sexy tips book: A lot of guys will not be comfortable with the idea of you giving them tips on their sex life. They believe they know it all, but actually, everyone will appreciate a little tip from the professionals.

Get him a book of sexy tips, though he must already know a lot of the things in the book, but there are some insight tips or clues that would help add more spice to your romantic times.

Let me know which of these gifts you found more interesting for your boyfriend. And if you have more unique ideas, feel free to share with me in the comment box!

Written by Sandy Thomas

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