Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend – How and What to Choose

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend - How and What to Choose

Everybody is someone’s best friend. Therefore, it isn’t hard to imagine yourself in your best friend’s shoes and come up with a gift you’d really like to receive.

In this article I’m going to talk to you on what we should and shouldn’t gift to our best friends. The do’s and don’ts of gifts.

Although each friend is different the common sort of rules actually exist for everybody.

Before we start I’d like you to recall in memory what were at least 3 last gifts your friend presented you on your birthday? Now, were they really useful or just kind of nice gestures? Whether they refer to the first or to the second category you should remember an unwritten rule: give to your friend such a present they’d like to receive, not one that you’d like to give.

For this read-through the following tips on How to Choose:

1. Think over what s/he’s interested in?

  • Know their likes and dislikes. Start with hobbies, interests, passions, favorite things to do, watch, visit, etc. Here I want to provide a sample. If they like to travel a lot, the perfect gifts could be a waterproof travel bag, recording sunglasses, a travel case, or a travel pillow. As you can see I can list a bunch of ideas just going from one hobby. All you need is to know what they like and still don’t have.
  • Run through social media. Social networks can tell you more than anything else about a person. Here you can find a lot of prompts. From places they are used to visit (based on where they check in) to food (from pictures, obviously) and a whole picture of a person.
  • Keep eyes peeled. While walking around the town or shopping together try to remember what they like the most. Even if you just think about how their room is decorated you can get some good ideas on what to give your best friend for their birthday.

2. Figure out your budget and base your decision on it. Remember that a gift doesn’t need to be too expensive. Even having a budget under $20 you can create something really unforgettable. The main point is to know what the person wants.

3. If in doubt – take someone with you. It could be a mutual friend who helps you to make the right decision. Or if you are in doubt between 2 things you want to bring a third person can help you brainstorm.

4. Don’t forget about wrapping and a card. I’ve heard that the way you’re going to present your gift far more important than the gift itself. While this is an exaggeration, you should remember that a great gift should come in a great box.

5. Do it in person. Regardless of what you’re going to give them or how awesome the idea of your present may be, everything will go up in smoke if you don’t do it in person.

Don’t give lots of people presents at the same time. Make sure they open your gifts not in front of each other, because otherwise there will be comparison which can cause a lot of discomfort. Don’t make them feel awkward. Vice versa if you’re going to give your friends the same presents – bank on something they could use without confusion. Here I mean for example: personalized notebooks (in different colors or forms) – yes; jackets or perfumes – no. But remember – nobody wants to look like other people, everybody wants to be an individual. So, I suggest you to avoid giving them the same things.

What to give.
I’m going to introduce some samples of gifts which, I think, could fit any personality. The only line I’d like to draw is between men and women.
So, here we go. Ladies first.

1. Some adventure. It could be a food tour in your city or a journey to another country – or even a girl’s night out. Time you spend together is a most precious gift. So, go buy tickets and make her birthday unforgettable!

2. A scrapbook of memoirs, personalized canvas, a slideshow message – something handmade, you know. Girls like to make things like this. Moreover, you call her a best friend for reason. So, you probably have a great lot of photos/videos which you can include in a book of your friendship or original piece of art which will always remind her of you.

3. Engraved jewelry, of course. Unlike boys (although there are men who like jewelry as well) girls just adore wearing things which have a special meaning for their best friends only.

4. Gift basket. Bathing essentials, some cosmetics, candles, favorite books or cookies, candles, eye mask, lingerie (everything she likes) are just the thing to create a great gift basket!

5. Something useful. A personalized recipe book or purse she’s always crazy for. Friends are the ones who give us those things we always want to have but never buy for ourselves.


1. Something unique: a vinyl record of his favorite music band or a retro toy vintage car model as an addition to his collection. Come up with things he really values. And if you succeed to find one – your best friend will be very glad to have such a good friend as you!

2. Something useful. Maybe your friend’s just moved to a new apartment or he’s recently been promoted. In that case give him a new coffee table or a sandwichmaker or an adjustable table lamp or a set of towels. In other words, everything he needs for a better life.

3. Subscription. Guys really like it. There is no lack of choices: membership, magazine, application, community, blog subscriptions and a bunch of others. I bought an Amazon Prime subscription for my best friend, because he shops there all the time.

4. The poster of his favorite movie or a framed handmade comic strip of your BFF. Bring some fun to your birthday gift idea.

5. Devices. Of course men adore electronic stuff. If you want to make him really happy – choose from a ton of ideas. For example, a charging station, laser keyboard, digital camera mask, headphones etc.

What not to give.
I’m not a ‘guru’ at this, but I found some sound advice you’ve probably never heard before. Some of them may appear to be a little bit strange. But try to treat them not as a challenge, but just as some advice. This is what not to give someone.

1. Clothes. Some kind of people think that clothing is a bad idea to give as a present. Especially for those who actually work in the fashion industry. But I’d add for myself: if someone really showed a keen interest in some clothes or told you earlier that they want a definite thing, it’s probably a safe bet. Just pick the right size.

2. Some people can’t stand funny gifts. They see no point in such useless items.

3. A CD or DVD. Does anyone even watch movies from DVD or listen to music from CD any more?

4. Gift cards and certificates can seem pretty tacky and lazy.

Well, I hope you’ve got a comprehensive answer to your question. I did my best, but nobody’s perfect, so I could have missed something to add and if you know what exactly it is – tell me in the comments.

If you liked reading this article, share it with your friends as well! I’m always looking to receive feedback from you!

Written by Joseph Trentini

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