11 Greatest Thoughtful Birthday Gifts Ideas For Your Boyfriend

11 Greatest Thoughtful Birthday Gifts Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Before you start reading, stop and ask yourself: what does he really want?

Gift giving has become an extremely selfish process. Every time we need to buy a gift for no matter whom, we don’t actually buy what s/he wants to receive. Instead we look for things we want to gift.

There are at least 2 ways to solve this problem. First, to think carefully over the things your boyfriend likes the most and give him a gift you surely know he’ll appreciate. In this way you should turn your attention to his activity fields, interests, hobbies etc.

Second, the simplest, go and ask him what he wants. But often we want to keep our gift in secret…

For the first, more complicated way, I prepared a list of 12 thoughtful gift ideas for your boyfriend in order to help you in coming up with the best one for your beloved.

1) A magical idea would be to create a book of his childhood bedtime stories. Try to get an original to make him deeply touched with your gift idea.

Put it in a basket with his favorite cookies, hot chocolates, candles. Anything that will help your reader relax and enjoy reading!

2) How about some adventure? If he adores traveling take him to a world tour. I remember how my best friend organized an incredible trip for her boyfriend on his birthday. They started in the USA, after traveled to some countries in Europe and finished with Asia. It was unbelievable! He’ll cherish it for the rest of his life!

3) Photo guitar picks for a musician.

Make sure AC\DC or Guns N’ Roses is his favorite band so you can buy one with it. On the other hand, the photo of the two of you is more memorable thing to print on picks. Or you can combine both of the images on the double sided guitar picks.

4) DIY love coupon box is the best hand-crafted thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend from this list!

I give you some tips: make one 20-minute massage coupon, 3-time kissing coupon and 100-time hugging one. Compose it in the one love certificate redeemable by your boyfriend. He’d be excited to get such a cute gift from loving girlfriend!

5) Handmade pillow cases. This is a sure-fire way to get his excitement! You can buy any sized cheap ($ 10-15) pillowcases in a shop or make it on your own. The main trick is to make cute prints in a form of a monogram or an illustration. Stencil your initials or aliases under each monogram.

6) One of the most thoughtful gift idea for your sweetheart could be a jar full of love notes, quotes and wish messages. Choose the best one for you or mix all of them and write down 365 tiny notes for your boyfriend. Put it in the jar and make your beloved read them each morning during a year!

7) I remember how my brother’s girlfriend donated him with a very cool birthday gift. He’s always been mad about planes. The Boeing Stearman was the first plane in which he learned to fly. She gave him a ride in this plane at a local airdrome! My brother was so amazed to fly in it again!

8) Try to turn ordinary things into extraordinary ones! I found this idea more than thoughtful. Take a sweatshirt (preferably without any prints) and blow a photo up to its size. Choose a favorite one of the two of you to decorate a sweatshirt with it. It could become his favorite sweatshirt to wear.

9) I love giving hand-crafted gifts especially if it’s a piece of art. When I was in Venice and my boyfriend had a birthday, I sent him a mass of postcards described the things I miss about him the most. For example, the one with a bicycle I sighed: ‘Missing rides with you’. The other was with a big red heart I signed: ‘Wish you were here’. Make your love man feel special even being far away from him.

10) Most guys adore sport and have a favorite team. Think over items you could use for it: t-shirts, mugs, watches, sport bottles, covers, posters, scarves, mouse pads…etc.
To make it more memorable come up with autographed balls, golf clubs, photos framed in a cool way.

11) Personalized gift basket. What are his favorite things? For example, my boyfriend likes playing golf, reading the Forbes, wearing ties and bows, whiskey, cigarettes, photos and cookies. All these items I put into a cute basket titled: ‘For my love J. P.’

To leave a special impression on your sweetheart give him a food basket. If he’s a spicy food lover, full it by all spicy food available! It could be wasabi peanuts, hot sauce, chilly chips, hot peppered jerky, for example. Make him go crazy about your gift!

If he always looks breathtaking, gift him with great-looking and nice-smelling items! There are a ton of awesome sets filled with a toilet water, different combs and scissors.

No secret to look like a superstar he needs to get enough sleep, to have a healthy weight and exercises regularly. So, giving him a healthy food or a nighttime gift basket would be a great birthday gift.

Remember, your gift shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive or highly extraordinary. It can just be the one saying: ‘I thought of you’.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. If you know some other thoughtful birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend – share them with me in comments.

Hope to receive feedback from you soon in comments below as well. All that remains for you is to decide which of two ways above to follow.

Wish you way more than luck!

Written by Sandy Thomas

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