30 Best Birthday Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend: When Love Knows No Distance

best birthday gifts for long distance boyfriend when love knows no distance

Hi everyone! I have a long distance relationship almost for 6 years. If you think that being happy in LDR is impossible, then I’m going to prove you the opposite.

I’ve noticed not for once that girls are usually get puzzled on what to get for their LDR boyfriends birthdays. I don’t wish to be proud-stomached but I have a great lot of really cool birthday gift ideas for such kind of guys.

It seems to me that I’ve already experienced all possible ideas for my sweetheart. But nevertheless, I’m still full of new and creative ones.

Here’s a list of my 30 best of the best birthday gift ideas for long distance boyfriend. I hope it may turn to be a useful one and it helps you to make his birthday unforgettable!

I’m from Detroit, Michigan and my sweetheart’s from London (UK). So, we have a great lot of land and water between us. In addition, we’re studying and it is probably the main reason why we still can’t live together. I guess that’s it.

Well, let’s get it started!

1) A surprise visit. At the beginning of our relationship I decided to show my boyfriend the seriousness of my intentions to be his girlfriend. He was expecting a simple call from me plus a little cute gift as an addition. But when I called him from Heathrow Airport he was so surprised that even didn’t believe me at first. Of course, we’ve met before, but it wasn’t awhile till I last saw him and he was really very amazed!

When we came to his house our tale has only just begun. He didn’t lost and had the win to make a warm bubble bathroom for the two of us with a lot of candles around. I brought a bottle of wine and we had the best together birthday celebration ever!

I listed this birthday idea first because it is probably the best way to celebrate your love man’s Big Day. But if you haven’t such an opportunity, I armed with another 29 great gift ideas for your LDR boyfriend!

2) If you want not only to gift him with a simple present but also to bring your attendance – make reservation at his favorite restaurant or send tickets to a concert or show which is going to take place in his town exactly on his birthday. If you want to make it extra surprise – order a bottle of Champagne or his adorable cake to be sent to his table. It may also be a simple pleasant gesture like a trio of musicians sings a cover of his favorite song.

This kind of idea is the best one if you want to make your boyfriend feel as if you’re actually alongside of him. I remember how I gifted him with an annual certificate of membership in local club of wine lovers. He received a bottle of select wine each month within one year. He recalled me in memory every time he savored the wine.

3) A box of love. Do you collect tickets from your joint cinema trips or bracelets for passing to the roller-coaster? I think you do, because every single item that can remind you of him is like a precious thing that you always treasure in your heart. You may use these things to make a love box for him! Take a little carton or make it on your own and decorate it with your joint photos. Put there his favorite candies, cookies, your love letters, tickets, messages written on pieces of papers, a little calendar with you first date checked on it, etc. Everything that has a special meaning for the two of you can be put there as well.

4) Couple pillowcases. Luckily, nowadays you may choose from the wide range of prints for your future love pillowcases. Here I placed a photo of ones I did last year for my boyfriend.

I sent him those with a boy and kept a one with a girl, so we both had a half of a whole. You can send both pillows and make your boyfriend keep them until you visit him.

5) A wish-message in a bottle. If you think that your sweetheart will have to go to the beach and wait there for the magic bottle that you sent him from the other side of the ocean – it’s not going to be so. All that you need is to write a sincere Happy Birthday letter to your love man and send it through special services.

6) Milktape! I found this amazing thing while was searching for cute LDR gifts for my boyfriend. You may send an USB mixtape full of his favorite songs. I’m sure that you have such ones.

7) A romantic jar of love notes. Recall in your memory all the most awesome moments you’ve ever shared with each other. Write down the first part of the sentences which describe these moments on the little papers and let him accomplish them.

For example: ‘Remember when I was in your t-shirt standing without footwear on the deck full of snow, you said…’ Find a little cute jar and fill it with these memorable papers. He’d be deeply touched with such a heartfelt gift.

8) Bobbleheads dolls. Surprise your boyfriend with a little copies of you made from your photos! Or send him a bobblehead doll of you and keep his one.

This birthday gift for LDR boyfriend is a pretty nice one if you want to bring a little bit of fun!

9) A bite-size letter for someone you love. Push the envelope and let him be pierced to the heart! Once I sent it to my boyfriend and he’d never parted with it and always keeps it in his pocket. The content of the tiny letter is a very personal thing, you know. But I give you a little tip: the shorter the better.

10) Necklace with a map inside.
Even if you’re in different timezones – looking on such a necklace he can always see how close you are! Place the coordinates of your city on his one and sign it with a love words such as: distance no object or I feel you. Whatever signature you come up with he will always wear it.

11) ‘Thinking of you’ chocomize! If you want to make your gift more personalized – send him a chocolate bar with a special love message only for your sweetheart. If I’m not mistaken, Chocomize accepts orders for sending only to USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand. But it’s well worth the effort!

12) Send him a talking teddy bear. A little bit of tenderness is just the thing to make him smile!

13) A huge fortune cookie. If you want it to be sent in its entirety and good condition – pack it in a wooden box (just kidding). It’s like a message in a bottle but here’s a giant cookie instead of a bottle. In order to make it more romantic, put there a list of wishes which you should implement as soon as you see each other. Oh, how he’ll wait for this!

14) A book of your love. It’s a handmade one. And it’s the most precious gift from this list. You’ll need a great lot of time to create it. But his reaction is worth doing it. Girls, you’re free to choose the best way of making it. I mean whether it will be made like a story in date order or a fairy-tale with you as central figures – it’s absolutely your choice and stretch of the imagination. Think!

15) A wooden postcard!
If you think that postcards can be only paper – you’re wrong. Meet wooden ones! This is a creative idea to make your boyfriend fill his shelf space with a new love bagatelle.

16) How about some funny things as presents? Grow a girlfriend joke gift is for those guys who understand humor! And all the lonely nights would be in times past.

17) LDR smartphone case. What other thing he uses more times than his phone? I think it’s nothing. Moreover, his smartphone is one of the most useful things that help him to stay in touch with you. So, leave a remainder of you as a case-type for his phone.

18) 8-bit dynamic t-shirt is a cute gift for your boyfriend. Every single time my boyfriend wears it he thinks about me. Make your love man feel the same way.

19) Love knows no distance. This is a cool idea for every LDR couple! Give this bracelet to your boyfriend in sign of your promise to stay faithful during the time apart. And he’ll feel the same while wearing it. Such a gesture makes your relationship only stronger, because this bracelet is like a LDR pride.

20) A DVD of his favorite films. Who said that watching the same film on the same time is impossible for LDR couples? If you make for him a DVD filled with some of your favorite movies then you’ll have a reason to watch it together even being in different countries.

21) Memeoirs. I tried it once and stayed satisfied. This is a service for turning your online conversations into a love journal! Cool, right? If your boyfriend still doesn’t hear about such an awesome service – be first and make him wow with it! My sweetie can’t stop but laughing while reading our century-old conversation.

22) A sexy one. If you want to bring some romance into your relationship and make his heart beating faster – send his favorite your lingerie to him. There are a mass of sites for making it. Just google it.

23) A personalized love coupon book. Have you ever made coupons of love for each other? No? Then you’re lucky to have such opportunity to make it. Moreover, you’re free to do it with a help of different specialized web-sites.

24) Book him a couple of tickets to his favorite sport game. Of course, you should do it in advance. But imagine his reaction when he’ll receive it from a careful girlfriend who lives halfway around the world!

25) Gift basket is a traditional way to make your boyfriend feel special but it’s no less cool. Come up with things he adores the most and order such a basket to be sent on his birthday.

26) Open when letter is another proven method to melt his heart. Write it on the back side of your together photo or send it in the form of slideshow! I just thought about it. I’ve never sent OWL with a help of online services. Well, here’s a reason to try.


27) Gift your boyfriend with heart-shaped teabags! If your sweetie is a big lover of tea – send him a pack of such cute teabags. Go creative and sign each bag with a love message!

28) We’ll be together soon, honey. Write it on an hourglass which you send to him. This is a really sweet birthday gift for your LDR boyfriend.

29) A joint puzzle. Make it more intrigue! While packing it in a box, leave him no chance to guess what is actually a picture there. Choose a sexy photo of the two of you and make him blushed while gathering it. it’s so cool to have things only you know about them.

30) A girlfriend pillow. This gift idea refers to a number of humorous ones. Don’t forget to put some of your perfumes on it!

Finally, the best gift that you can give to your partner is …You. So try to collect more money for having a trip and spending the greatest birthday time together!

I hope my article was useful and now you’re full of fresh ideas of how to make your boyfriend’s birthday unforgettable!

If I’ve missed some ideas to add, please suggest your own in comments! I’m always looking to hear your opinions as well.

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