Top 13 Special Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Creatively Unique

Top 13 Special Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Creatively Unique

Hey ladies, so the time has come for you to present that lovely boyfriend a special birthday gift. This at times could appear not so easy to achieve.

Put an end to it with this list of the top special gifts for a boyfriend’s birthday.

1. Surprise birthday: Plan a little birthday party on his behalf, but without him knowing about this. Invite his very good friends and colleagues that you know he will definitely like to celebrate with.

Imagine his reaction when he returns from work, opens the door, hears a happy birthday scream from friends and colleagues that he didn’t even invite for a birthday celebration – not that he actually planned one.

2. Food/favorite meal: It will not be effective if you buy this from an external source. The valuable effect it has is when you take time to prepare this meal by yourself.

There shouldn’t be much of a difficulty with that, just a few cooking classes would help – besides, there are a lot of them on the Internet for free.

3. Poems: The same applies to this, don’t just be in a hurry to copy a poem from somewhere and send to him. Be creative and come up with yours, even though it might not be well arranged, not rhyming, but believe me, he will adore it.

4. A – things he love doing – day: make a list of those things that you know he likes doing, and those ones that he would love to do but maybe not able to do it alone, not forgetting those ones that he does not do because you might not like it.

Compile this list and dedicate that day for him to do all these and you will totally be supportive. The day will be all about him and his pleasure.

5. 100 reasons book: Get a little note pad; pocket size probably, then you handwrite reasons why you love him, or reasons why he is the best – one reason on each of the pages. You could even have some crafty design on the back covers. It gives him a very satisfied feeling and actually gets him highly flattered – all good boyfriends deserve this.

6. CD mix: A playlist of romantic songs or significant songs that you know he loves. You could easily do this by burning the playlist on your computer. Have you thought of recording a birthday message and make it play first in the playlist? This adds that uncommon special effect that you need.

7. Movie night: This could be done at a cinema, but I suggest it should be done indoor; to get the privacy and romantic edge. Make a selection of those romantic movies that he would love to watch, get some food or snacks, make an indoor camp tent in the middle of the living room. Get the lights dim, cuddle under the tent and watch movies all evening – that is if you both do not change the scenario so soon.

8. Engraved ring: I know it might be too early or too fast to buy him a ring. This does not necessarily have to be a very expensive ring, the idea is getting something cute and make it astonishing. You can engrave different things – date you started dating, or his birthday, your initials – but just on the inside part of the ring.

The first important part is getting a cute ring and then deciding what exactly to engrave on it. I believe this depends on the kind of person your boyfriend is and it takes no other person but you to know that.

9. Time: This is the most important and priceless investment in every relationship. Creating a means to spend more precious time with him is very essential. Not just on his birthday alone, this should be a regular occurrence, but you need to add a romantic/special touch to it on his birthday.

10. Decorate his house: Visit his house while he is at work or away, and give it an astonishing decoration. You do not have to necessarily rearrange the apartment; just little facial decoration would be fine.

Using balloons and ribbons all around the room, to write things on the wall, etc. Give him a shock and let him remember how lucky he is to have you as a girlfriend.

11. Sign in his car or work: Discreetly leave your sign in his car or his office table. Make sure this is a cute but not embarrassing sign. You could even consider adding some homemade snacks, candies, and a Starbucks coffee.

12. Sexy lingerie for you: I know the occasion is his birthday and some people might be wondering why you are buying gift for yourself and not him. Come to think of it, what is the best gift that he could ever get?

You, of course. But this time, you have to make the gift special. Purchase some quality sexy lingerie and put it on – just for him on his birthday, I am sure this gift will occur more often even after his birthday.

13. Special moments pictures or videos: Gather pictures and videos of those special moments that he, you, or both of you managed to have recorded. Compile them and send to him. Remember to add some texts (message), and the background songs should be significant tracks to him. This works magic always.

Whichever the idea you choose to use, do well to inform me of his reaction after the present. Feel free to leave a line or two in the comment box – about the gift presentation and his response.

Written by Sandy Thomas

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