15 Unforgettable Birthday Gifts – Ideas for Any Age

Birthday Gifts for Everyone. 15 Memorable Birthday Present Ideas

How about turning a birthday of someone you love into unforgettable holiday? And make so that it wasn’t a split-second joy, but the memory of a lifetime…

I prepared a list of 15 best memorable birthday gift ideas. I hope it helps you to become a hero for someone who deserves to feel the best this day!

Let’s start…

1. Of course a surprise birthday party! We all know how it’s sometimes hard to bring all of our family and friends together.

So imagine their reaction when they come home and sees all the people who they don’t even expect to see! A well-organized party is one of the best memorable things to create!

2. A scrapbook of some memorable moments. A memory collage is one of those gifts which reminds us the past.

Whether you include all of the lived moments or just the happiest ones – be sure to leave a mark in the heart of the one you love. All of the special pictures you paste in your collage will always be in your receiver’s mind.

3. A handmade personalized thing. Sometimes a little something made with your own hands and heart may be worth more than the sum of money you spend to buy it.

A mug with a photo printed on it. A mouse pad with the same decoration or with a wise quote that has special meaning for the two of you. A funny T-shirt with a joke, a personalized calendar of your best moments marked on it, a hand-crafted embroidered pillow or wrap. A photo framed in a cool way or a puzzle made from a picture of the two of you.

4. Treasure hunt. This is a really exciting way to give someone a little adventure with a gift at the end.

Everybody knows rules of treasure hunts: you need to pick a place (an apartment or a big house are the best ones), make some clues (depends on how much time you want this person to take finding the gift) and finally put it away in its final hiding place. Of course you can involve all of the family and friends in this game so it’s even more fun!

Advice: put the first clue in the bed of the person so that they’ll wake up and start the adventure right away!

5. Personalized Video or Slideshow. Go creative! You could make it like a mini-film from a childhood till now. Don’t forget to include some hilarious things said by the b-day person. Make it so that they will have eyes full of happy tears after watching your video!

6. Books. If you want to give a great gift that matches their personality perfectly – a book is a beautiful choice.

Take a note from their interests, hobbies and favorite things. Here’s a sample. If they love to travel, something like ‘500 best places to visit this year’ or ‘How to make your trip awesome with 1 dollar in your pocket’ would be a great gift.

If he’s into business, then maybe a biography of a business leader would do the trick. If she adores cookery – you know what kind of book you should give her. Come up with the right choice and they’ll keep your gift forever.

7. A gift for gourmets. Aside from cooking something ordinary, make your b-day person feel like a king or queen while feasting.

If you think that steak or salad is the limit of what you can do, you’re mistaken. There are a lot of awesome birthday pies, gorgeous cupcakes and other fantastic meals you can make. Try to include as more their favorite ingredients into your gift dish as possible.

8. Poem. If you’re a creative person and you want to give something right from the heart, then this is a great option. If you think it might seem cheap, you can buy an little additional present.

Imagine for a second that someone wrote a poem and dedicated it to you. The most precious gift is made with effort and time. So, if you want to make a gift that will be remembered for a long time, then go with a poem.
9. Give a pet. Every time when the new pet meets them when they come up, they will gratefully remember you. Animals are the perfect heartfelt gifts.

10. Customized card. Something handmade is always valuable. Give them a perfect birthday card using photos and quotes.

11. Gift baskets. Whether you’re going to pick a perfect birthday present for your brother or girlfriend, try to please them as much as possible. In this case you should come up with a special gift basket full of their favorite things.

Now think over what to put there to make their b-day one to remember.

12. Exotic vacation. What could be more amazing than spending a birthday in a 5 star hotel? Make them enjoy a vacation without any worries.

13. A piece of photo art. If the first thing that came to your mind was a single photo framed in a cute way, you should know that there’s a bunch of other great ideas for cool photo frames.

If your receiver’s name is Betty or Brad make a photo collage in the form of big B. a great lot of ideas are all around – just turn on your fantasy!

14. Tickets. This is a great way of giving people not a physical item, but a memory. For your grandmother it could be theater or ballet tickets. For your boyfriend or husband – tickets to a big game. Seats on a fashion show are the perfect ones for your love woman.

15. Woods birthday getaway. Sometimes all that we need is to get away from everyday routine. Unusual ways to celebrate birthdays are more memorable than doing it at a bar or at home.

In conclusion….
Time is the best gift you can give. Go out with someone you love for a long walk. Or choose to visit places which have a special meaning for him or her. Spend an entire day without interruptions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Share it with your friends in order to help them to choose an unforgettable birthday gift for someone they care about.

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