Creative Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend – 12 Original Ideas

Creative Birthday Gifts for Best Friend: 12 Unique Ideas

Despite being someone’s best friend, we often fall into a stupor when it comes time to choose a birthday gift. Why? Because we just want to make it perfect.

I just picked out a present for my best friend, but it’s not about me. I’m here to share my experience. Before writing this article I thought about different personalities and what they might like for their birthday.

Take a look of these 12 creative birthday gifts for best friend and probably you’ll come up with a best one for them.

Now, I’m not an expert in psychology. But I think that a good gift should be full of time and effort to make your receiver see the true value of it. That’s why almost all the ideas listed here are thoughtful and hand-crafted.


1) Time capsule. I found this idea cool. The main trick is to show your best friend their evolution through time. You can use songs or photos for this. For example, pick the #1 song of the time when they were born. Then the coolest hit from his childhood. And so on til now. The same with photos. Plus describe there the most memorable events from his/her life.

2) Piece of art. Take a cork board and make:

  • Instagram cards. Now, not everyone uses Instagram. I don’t. But my best friend is. If your friend loves taking selfies as well – give them a greeting card set full of his photos. This idea is sure to make them smile.
  • Canvas quotes. Pick their favorite ones and decorate them with a frame.
  • ‘Sarah likes…’ or ‘Calvin is the one who…’ art walls. Show your BFF that you know them better than anyone else.
  • Photo collage star. Decorate your favorite photos in star-shaped frame. Or choose any other way to frame it.
  • Keyboard message. If you have an old keyboard and you don’t mind cutting it into separate letters – you’ll get a magic gift! Come up with a short birthday message, like ‘Make your wish’ or ‘It’s a special day’. Try to come with a phrase where all letters are different.
  • A collection of inside jokes. Choose a comic print for writing it or paste some of your hilarious photos as well.

3) Floating book shelves. If your best friend loves books and interesting interiors, then you can’t go wrong with this gift.

4) Something creative. Show your BFF that you put a lot of effort into coming up with a gift.

  • Write a poem, for example. Or a song. These ideas are great if you’re on a budget and want to make it a bit more meaningful.
  • Box of coupons. Create service coupons which will give your friend the right to ask you for any help you mentioned in it. Think over what they need or hate to do. Suggest doing it instead of your friend. I think they’d like to have a box like this!
  • A customized sweatshirt with a line from their favorite TV show. Do you like to quote your favorite TV shows? You and your friends probably have your favorite quotes, then. Use them to create your gift.

5) Creative getaway idea – a day trip with friends. Buy tickets to some awesome places to visit and organize a great birthday trip for your friend. Take along some other friends and make his birthday unforgettable! For example, include a fantastic high speed boat ride or do something for the first time. Turn your trip into nothing but celebration!

6) Tattoos. Maybe this seems a little trite. But if your best friend loves tattoos – make them feel like the happiest person in the entire universe! And not because they’ll finally make it, but because you can get the same one as well.

7) A flower or balloon bomb in their car! Do you know where your best friend usually parks their car? Fill it with flowers or/and balloons in secret.  Your best friend won’t believe their eyes!

8) Personalized jewelry ideas: friendship bracelets, necklaces with poetry or a favorite quote, rings with parts of the same phrase engraved on each of them. Prove your sister – or brotherhood by giving them some personalized things like these ones.

9) A jar full of stickers, little gifts, dollar rolls etc. If they’re 21, give 21 handwritten notes full of things they can already do. This idea is more for to girls. Guys also could make something like that by placing jokes or tops of beer bottles drunk together.

10) Subscriptions. Think over things they like to visit, use or read. Whether it’s a magazine or website sub you’ll definitely give them something they like.

11) Music or movie posters. Everyone has a favorite movie or musician. If you’re lucky enough to have autographed memorabilia for your best friend, then you’re going to be a real friend who went the distance to get a good present!

12) Personalized video or slideshow. Give them a USB memory collage of photos and videos you’ve shared with them. Go to the next level and create a cartoon based on their life. You’ll have a great laugh together while watching it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my article. If you did, feel free to share it with your friends, but not with the person you’re getting a gift for, of course!

Any ideas for more gifts? Share them with us in the comments!

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