Hilarious Birthday Gift Ideas – Guaranteed to Bring a Smile

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When we’re born, the world welcomes us with a smile. But we cry. We meet our arrival in this world with tears. So why not spend the rest of our birthdays laughing?

Funny birthday gifts can help us always smile. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like a good laugh. Maybe one in a million, but it sounds like a miracle. Everybody loves jokes.

From giggling girls to serious men, I prepared a list of 33 hilarious birthday gifts that will make almost anyone grins from ear to ear.


1. Birthday cake. No cake – no fun. Stretch the boundaries of your fantasy and come up with something really funny like these ones: ‘40 isn’t old…if you’re a tree’, ‘60 comes with new skills…you can laugh, caugh, sneeze and pee all at the same time’, ‘Dirty thirty’, ‘I’m not 40, I’m 21 with 19 years of experience’.

2. Splash chopping board – for those cooks who understand humor. This is just what we all need to have on our kitchens. Why not make simple things funny?

3. Soap nose dispenser. What would your reaction when you saw a jet of soap blown from this big nose? I thought wow, that’s a good one to make my husband smile.

4. Like bra. Today Facebook’s everywhere. And your wife, girlfriend or just a friend will see the true value of this cute birthday gift.

5. WTF rubber stamp. For those whose daily round is about documents affirmation, this cute stamp is must-have. Turn one’s boring process into a funny amusement in order to make everyone around smile.

6. How to tie instructions tie. If your friend, husband or boyfriend always forget how to tie his tie, give him this and he’ll say thanks – when he stops laughing.

7. Frozen smiles. For lovers of dark humor I prepared a really funny gift. These hilarious ice smiles can make your drinks much more enjoyable.

8. Funny socks. For the kid in all of us. Who said that socks should always be black or white? Leave this philosophy for boring people. Give someone you care about these funny socks shaped like different hilarious animals and bring some colorfulness to their lives.

9. Lazy Mom slippers. For those moms who are very tired of cleaning house. These double duty slippers do the dirty work instead of bothering mom.

10. Man bowl. We’re all just little animals inside. Therefore, your husband, groom, boyfriend or son will take it in good fun if you gift him this funny bowl.

11. Crap jokes loo roll. If you have a humorist in your life, give him this amazing toilet roll and he’ll definitely appreciate it. Remember, jokes are everywhere in our lives, even if you’re actually busy with delicate things when nobody sees you 😉

12. Boyfriend/girlfriend pillow for LDR couples. Are you boring with sending him or her ordinary gifts? Try this one. Sure, when he’ll open your present a smile will hover over his lips. Advice: sprinkle it with his favorite perfumes.

13. Funny printed towel. Bring some fun to ordinary things you do and spend every second of your life with humor.

14. USB hand warmer. I know the feeling when your right arm freezes while using a mouse. Now you can forget about it. An amusing adaptation of open finger gloves is a right choice for comfort lovers.

15. Giant headphone speakers. This is a funny design solution of speakers for big music fans. Make somebody listen to music really loudly.

16. Blood shower gel. Funny gift ideas can be not only for the soul, but for the body as well.

17. Pepper and salt shakers shaped like dice or magic wands. Boring things could be easily replaced by funky ones. Make your lunch more fun.

18. Winter’s coming. This amazing birthday gift idea shows both your care and sense of humor. If you want to protect any part of your love man’s face from cold, gift him with this funny hat. By the way, there are a lot of other variations you’re free to choose for friends.

19. Dick mug – for some great juvenile humor. I’m sure that his colleagues will see the true value of this gift.

20. Creative clock. It isn’t at once apparent what the main trick of this unusual clock is, but after you look narrowly, the smile comes by itself.

21. Wine bottle glass. This funny thing invented for those who like savoring a drink without being distracted.

22. Classic jokes fart machine. This is just a perfect gift for your grandparents. Turn this funny thing on and spend the rest of your day with smile.

23. Legless pirate corkscrew. It’d seem that little invisible things aren’t created for attracting attention. But actually it’s not true… This funny corkscrew in a form of little pirate will bring someone a great lot of fun.

24. Beer cap catcher. For both: beer lovers and cap collectors. If you have at least one of them in your life – simplify their lives by giving them this amazing catcher.

25. Double dog condiment dispenser. Whether you like cooking hot-dogs or any dishes with a double portion of ketchup and mustard, this awesome dispenser is just the thing.

26. Animal toothbrush holders. Everybody knows children adore animals. Even if they’re actually not real. These holders will make all family members smile while brushing their teeth every single morning.

27. Beer holster. For your big beer lover this gift could be a real catch. Now he needn’t pause for quick bite because a giggle bottle will be always ready to hands.

28. Desktop vacuum cleaner. This funny little guy can turn your routine cleaning into a fascinating process. Bring some joy to things you do every day.

29. Pencil touch screen stylus. This is a retro substitute for your finger. It’s a widely known fact that the stylus is more convenient for a lot of different things. Designers didn’t go far and invented a pencil stylus.

30. Comfy log novelty travel cushion. Is it too hard to sleep on a log? – No, if you sleep on a cushion indeed. This amusing pillow best fits tourists who travel with humor.

31. Measuring belt. Do you have someone in your life who badly wants to lose weight? Is their birthday is coming soon? If so, I suggest giving them this funny belt. Now the scale is absolutely useless.

32. Chopstick knife and fork. Whether you cook a steak or sushi, you’re free to eat each of the dishes with the same silverware.

33. 2017 Bubble Calendar. Who of us doesn’t like to burst bubble wrap? Instead of moving a little date window, you can mark a day by popping one bubble. The hardest challenge is to resist the urge to burst all of them at once. Now your morning will start right.

Life seems to be easier when you spend it with smile. Try to spread it to all your nearest and dearest. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Share it with your friends as well.

If you still can’t come up with the best hilarious present for someone you love, start with giving a simple smile.

Written by Joseph Trentini

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