Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband: Celebrating that Special Man

top birthday gift ideas for husband

I totally agree with you ladies; it could be demanding at times to select a perfect gift for your husband on his birthday.

This could be owing to the fact that you already gave him very unique gifts previously and this time, you need a gift that will surpass the former ones.

Count yourself lucky today, as I have shortlisted a few gifts that have proven to be the best when it comes to seeking for something exceptionally impressing.

1. Hourly gifts

This one depends on the time at which your husband was born. Just take note of this time and pack a series of gifts that will be unwrapped every hour for the duration of 24 hours.

In other words, let’s assume he was given birth to at 4:30 am. You will need gift packs for every hour from 4:30 am to 4:30 pm the following day. I am not very good at mathematics, but I believe you would need 12 packs of gifts.

The gifts do not have to be too expensive, it could include his favorite candy bars, film tickets, coupons, money clip, and so on.

2. Tribute to him (musical, photos, videos)

This is an idea that was mostly considered to be ideal for those with any form of musical skills. However, this can now be achieved by virtually anyone that is interested in it.

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you are a good singer; then you can consider doing just like my brother-in-law that made a musical tribute for almost every member of his family. You can simple ask someone close to help you, that is if you believe your voice can absolutely not handle it.

The concept is to make it silly, crazy, and funny.

Of course, you can take advantage of technology. Simply ask his friends and loved ones to make short video tributes to him (saying how much they care and love him, and probably the notable moments shared together). They send these videos to you and then you compile them for a video message.

3. A yearlong gift

The idea behind this particular one is to present him with things that you can both experience together, rather than buying him items.

If you do not have idea of such gifts, here are examples: event tickets, pass to amusement park, tickets to a sporting events, taking a trip somewhere, tickets to the movie, coupons for date night at home, and so on.

Just be creative about it and look for ways or occasions to spend money and time on your relationship rather than on things. Another part not to forget here is that you will enjoy these gifts all year long as you both complete each event.

4. Celebrating in numbers

I should warn, if your husband’s birthday falls on dates from 25 to 31; this could be a tricky one. However, you are lucky if his birthday falls somewhere earlier in the month.

Let’s assume his birthday is on the 7th; then you can have a long day celebration with the number 7.

It is easy, you can have 7 events, 7 reasons why you love him, 7 reasons why he is the best husband/father, 7-course meals, 7 gifts, and so on.

5. Surprise dinner

It is normal that a lot have abused this particular gift idea; moreover, you can add your own personal touch to it.

You could prepare the meal by yourself and arrange for a dinner at home or you simple can decide to take it outside on this day.

The surprise part would be you secretly inviting friends and loved ones. They will all show up on the table (or they might be there waiting for him to arrive) with their gifts, share nice memories and speech at the table.

I believe you can easily add your personal signature to any of these gift ideas. All you need is to open up your creative side and make sure you portray the exact message to your husband.

It is normal to plan and rehearse for some of the ideas. Let me know which of the gifts is (are) most interesting for you, and you can share some other husband gift ideas with me as well – the comment box is open.

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