TOP 50 Proven Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

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Let’s run a little test. What do you prefer to give your boyfriend for birthday: a handmade storybook of your life or an adjustable laptop table? I’d rather make a storybook, because it’s kind of a keepsake.

But the truth is that your boyfriend would be more pleased with a laptop table. Why? Because often guys put more value on useful and practical purchases rather than on those which leave memories. The latter one is better for girls.

No one says that guys don’t like to receive emotions as a birthday gift. But practical usefulness is a priority for them. Here in my list of 50 proven birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend I did my best to include both type of gifts: for body & soul.


  1. One year backup battery for his phone. People of the 21th century are joking about priorities of critical importance in our life. The first place belongs to a full charge of your phone’s battery. This awesome device is a real catch for those guys who hate the long charging process. Now they don’t need to think about it for a whole year!
  2. Inspired by a ‘Fifty shades of grey’ hit book the authors of the next idea invent a fifty days of play games. Can you imagine the reaction of your boyfriend when you give him this present?
  3. Smartphone tripod for panoramic shots. Sometimes a selfie isn’t enough to cover the whole view. That’s why a tripod is just the thing! Now your boyfriend will never need to ask anybody to take a picture of him and his friends.
  4. 123greetings. Gift your boyfriend with an online Happy Birthday message. Go here, then choose any message you like.
  5. Wireless bluetooth hat is a perfect choice of those girls who take care about their boyfriends comfort while they’re on the go. Besides listening to the music, he can receive incoming calls at the same time.
  6. Coupons of love. You can buy a ready-made set as well as compose it on your own. There are a mass of patterns in the Internet. Use your imagination to the max!
  7. Aston Martin driving emotions. What male doesn’t go mad about cars? Especially when driving Aston Martin. Make your boyfriend feel like a James Bond for one moment and he’ll remember it for a whole life.
  8. Travel game set is just the thing for guys who can’t imagine life without wanderings. It’s a very portable item which can be taken along whenever he goes.
  9. Cooler & warmer portable USB fridge. Does your boyfriend belong to those guys who are so lazy for covering a distance from the kitchen to the desk in order to bring one more Cola? If it’s yes – gift him with this handheld thermoelectric fridge. Furthermore, this amazing thing can not only freeze but also heat his drinks.
  10. Picnic getaway with friends. Give it a rest if you fed up with celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday in bars or nightclubs. There’s nothing like an outdoor rest to make his birthday rich in the emotions!
  11. Four charging station in one. It’s a highly desired item nowadays. I count only those things which has almost every ordinary person and which are needed to be charged at least every few days: smartphone, iPod, e-book, laptop, what else?
  12. Binoculars with built-in camera. How many times you tried to take a photo, but ultimately you’ve got not what you wanted to come up with? Forget about faulty shots – make pictures with a help of your eyes!
  13. Bottle opener magnet not only cracks his bear but also keeps all the tops on the fridge.
  14. Mini toolbox. Men can’t live without various repairing kits as well as women without cosmetics. Help him with ordering his tools.
  15. Helicopter flying experience. Maybe your boyfriend dreamed to become a pilot when he was child? Make his childhood dream comes true!
  16. Music shades with led lights. If your sweetheart is one of the party people – he’d be pleased to wear this amazing shades next time.
  17. Scratch globe. Forget about tiny maps – choose a proven big one!
  18. Cocktails shaker tool – if he’s a master of mixing drinks.
  19. Touchscreen gloves are about more than just warm hands.
  20. Pillow-remote. Make your boyfriend’s life easier in order to flip through the channels while laying on the pad.
  21. Flying alarm clock for sleepyhead one. Once you gift your boyfriend with it and he’ll never late on dates with you.
  22. LED chess set for table games lovers. He can enjoy the play with his friends even being on a swinging party.
  23. The Big Game tickets. He’d be double surprised if you’d share with him these emotions. Don’t abridge your fantasy. If you want to choose something different – tickets at music festival or pre-opening night of the movie he’s waiting for.
  24. Tie case or shirt shuttle for a real man. It’s very suitable one if your sweetheart is a keen business traveler.
  25. Digicase for contact lens. Find out what’s else this amazing case contain besides on-board remainder and mirror inside.
  26. Spy watch with built-in video-camera, phone and media-player! Guys dream to have it since being boys.
  27. Wireless key finder for those who lose keys all the time.
  28. HD camera ski goggles. Capture all of your vacation moments in perfect images!
  29. Neck and shoulder massager. Make your boyfriend feel blissfully every evening after hard work day.
  30. Pocket photo. Have your father ever showed you pictures taken with Polaroid? Then you should be aware of its self-printing function. Now imagine a modern Polaroid version. This is exactly such a version.
  31. Electronic guitar shirt. Does your boyfriend strume air guitar while hearing a familiar song? Maybe he actually likes playing guitar but has no chances to schlepp it around? If yes – gift him with this shirt!
  32. Selfie Stick. If your sweetheart likes travelings as well as making selfie – this stick would be an irreplaceable item of his luggage.
  33. Password vault for those guys who have a million passwords for all occasions. Now he’ll never forget which one to enter.
  34. Circuit board cufflinks set is a perfect gift for data base programmer. There are a great lot of its varieties: from Batman to ps3 style. Pick those one which best fit his hobby or daily activity.
  35. Portable beats pill. Does your boyfriend a big fan of music who listen to it even while putting up a tent deep in the Alps? Laptop isn’t always easy-to-use for listening favorite tracks, right?
  36. HD camera quadcopter. If you still hope that your boyfriend raise to a serious man – manage your expectations. Because men will stay kidults forever.
  37. A day of his favorite things to do. Whether your boyfriends adore playing Ps all day long or wandering around the town, he’d be very pleased if you share his favorite things to do with him.
  38. Stress buster is a useful thing for everybody. Sometimes we all need to defuse our tension.
  39. Smart bluetooth bottle for avid cyclists and those guys who take care about being in a good shape every day. This water bottle with a sensor side-on can monitor amount and drinking frequency. Smart items are all around!
  40. iPad Foosball. Whether your boyfriend dreams about real foosball table or not, he’ll really like this one.
  41. A micro scooter luggage. Simplify your boyfriend’s way of business trips.
  42. Virtual laser keyboard. Instead of getting angry with a tiny keyboard of your smartphone, use this almost real one! A laser box projects virtual keyboard on any surface. And it becomes more easier to print long lovely message to you!
  43. World of Tanks: DVD box set. Believe me, girls, your boyfriends will think you the best girlfriends ever if you gift them with this set.
  44. Active sports headphone combo. Does he lead an active lifestyle? Then a pair of advanced workout helpers (one in his ear and one on his hand) will support him with upgrading his fitness activity.
  45. Wireless headphones. There are times when I want to nap nearby my boyfriend while he’s watching a football match on a TV, but a commentator’s voice gives no way to fall asleep. In such cases I draw out a noise canceling wireless headphones for him.
  46. Bluetooth talking gloves. Just bring your hand to ear and you’re free to start talking with your sweetheart as long as you want.
  47. His favorite films movie night. Create a little cinema in your bedroom: make provision for a filming, buy a lot of pop-corn and get ready to share with him a long night full of fun.
  48. Electronic dartboard. Find out how far a technical progress could go!
  49. Treasure hunt. Anticipating his birthday leave short messages with clues all over his house. Let him find first clue in the bed and the last one in the place where you’ll wait for him with a present.
  50. Ps4. Five words: he’d be a mega-grateful!

Well, did you enjoy reading my list of 50 best birthday gifts for boyfriend? I hope it was more than just interesting. Share it with your friends if you want!

Whether it seems to you that I’ve missed some ideas to list here or you just have something to add for yourself – please, don’t be shy and write back me in comments.
I’m always looking forward to receive a feedback from you!

Written by Sandy Thomas

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