Useful Tips and 10 Examples of Birthday Gifts that Your Wife Will Appreciate

Useful tips and 10 examples of birthday gifts that your wife will appreciate

Things could really get tricky when selecting a birthday gift for your wife. It could at times get frustrating trying to find a gift that she does not already have.

Though the idea of dinners, cakes, or chocolates isn’t bad, but you can do better this year. Pay more attention to things that she really need and will find good use for.

You can go for gifts according to her interests and hobbies.
If she is a lover of fitness, then you can go for things that she can use at the gym.
If she loves travelling, then it will be wise to go for things that will keep her inspired.

Wife holds a special place in our heart, and as a worthy soul mate we should always maintain this relationship by showing love and affection at every little chance we get.

They always need to be taken care of and pampered, which sometimes makes it difficult to select a perfect birthday gift for wife.

Lets take a look at a few birthday gifts that will be fit for different categories of wives.

1. Surprise cake at midnight

You actually need to be a very good actor for this one. Pretend as if you have forgotten about her birthday. Even though this wouldn’t be so easy to achieve because she will do all that is possible to ensure that you plan for her birthday.

The entire plan depends on how you are used to forgetting things. Now you have to secretly order her favorite flavor of cake and get it delivered at the door a few seconds before midnight. Definitely she will be the happiest wife at that time and her regular favorite will become her best cake.

2. A collage of pictures

All women adore the old romantic memories of their love life. Using an enlarged photograph from the time that you started dating; make a collage and put this in a frame.

There are a lot of different ways to go about this actually. If you can get a hold of old picture album, select pictures from old school days, wedding, honeymoon, pictures with the children, beautiful shots from vacations and other interesting events.

If the framing seems too simple or boring for you, then you can go for the photo slideshow or video messages. Actually I prefer this option more, because it provides the opportunity to add more spice to things.

3. A makeover pack

No lady will ever reject the chance to look her best. Leave her flattered by giving her the opportunity of a new look, being done by professionals.

Visit one of the best saloons in the neighborhood and get a certificate for a beauty treat from a professional. You can actually arrange with the staffs to wish her a happy birthday, or get a singing person to visit her at the saloon for this, and the staffs can help you record a video.

4. Surprise dinner

I believe you cooking a meal for her should no longer be a surprise to her, which is why you are not going to be doing that this time.

Simply by reserving a big table that can take some of your and her beloved friends in a favorite restaurant or at any new one that you know would fit her desire. But the scoring move here is not to make her know about this, which means you have to secretly invite these friends with warning not to inform her about the invitation.

As if this is not enough for a surprise, on that very day when she gets to the restaurant and suddenly sees her friends show up unexpectedly. They will all have little gifts with them and they will share some of their memorable moments with her on the table.

This could end up being the happiest birthday celebration of her life.

5. Cruise tickets

This is a very lovely experience gift and could serve as a way to recreate one of the happiest moments in her life. Get a cruise ticket for two to one of the most fantastic romantic destinations out of town and she will be blown away. This is like living her honeymoon over again.

You can also do this by giving your wife the chance to decide among travel packages. You could choose a short trip to the most splendid places or to India. She will immediately start to dream of enjoying and making pictures of this trip with her darling husband.

Not only will this be a great birthday gift, but it also helps strengthen the marriage by giving you the romantic edge, taking you away from the daily routine and chaos of the city, and allowing you to spend more quality bonding time together.

6. A variety of appreciated items

Of course you know her preferred brand of perfumes. Go for a classy bottle of such perfume but don’t just give it to her yet.

It should no longer be new to you that women just have love for handbags so you can pretty much take advantage of this by getting her a cool handbag of her favorite color and put the bottle of perfume inside it.

This will be like having a surprise hidden inside another surprise. The expression and look on her face would be priceless.

7. Gift cards

This is a category of gift that can be purchased from various stores online as well as at shops in your neighborhood.

The idea is giving yourself the freedom of doubt when selecting gifts for her and giving her the liberty to buy whatever she likes according to her requirements and preference.

This gift as well comes in handy when you have a time disadvantage. When time does not permit you to purchase a gift and have it delivered before her birthday. So the only way out would be an online gift card that can be purchased within 5 minutes and you forward the details to her.

8. Perfect day out

All women love going on trips to shop. Going to buy new heels, dresses, jewelry and all sorts of stuffs that she desires.

As a man, if you are really seeking a way to give her a birthday treat then you should consider taking her on a shopping spree. Don’t just stop there; add a beauty session or a quick spa, which will also be accompanied by a surprise dinner at one of her favorite restaurants and then you can take her to a movie.

Not enough? You could complement this with a long drive through a calm route or take her home to spend some cozy moments. Just make sure the day is filled with lovely activities and she will appreciate this for a very long time.

9. Lingerie

Of course if you plan to put your wife in the romantic mood, then you should go for classy underclothing that would be appreciated so much both by you and her.

We have a lot of styles and patterns available, so you have to be sure that you are selecting one that will look good on her. Actually you could get her a gift card from the lingerie store and make sure it comes with an album which you will accompany with a note – please choose.

Elegant lingerie do not cost so much, which makes it undoubtedly affordable without putting a hole in your pocket.

Of course she will try it on for you to see, which is the most interesting part of this gift.

10. Digital skipping ropes
This will fit well with the sport lover or fitness conscious woman. Give her a cute training partner that can fit well in her gym bags without taking any space at all.

The digital jumping rope is cordless and has an inbuilt timer, which eliminates the possibility of tripping over a rope and a timer to keep track of your training sessions.

It comes with a calorie counter and jump counter, which will help you monitor your weight loss program without needing coordination or skill.

Give her the calorie burning benefits that comes with the traditional jump rope while taking away the burden of tripping on the rope. Now she would be able to do the same simply by setting the timer and the swinging can start.

This device is appropriate both for beginners and professionals. It as well does not require getting to the gym before you can use it, you could simply enjoy skipping in your room without swinging a rope around your property or smash something.

Now you have a list of birthday gifts that can be applied to different wife personalities. Which of them did you find more appropriate for you wife on her forthcoming birthday?

I believe you have presented her a couple of amazing gifts over the years, which makes you experienced as well. Would you be kind to share some of these interesting birthday gift ideas for wife with me in the comment box below.

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