Top 31 Homemade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend: Unique and Cute

Homemade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend: 30+ Unique and Cute Ideas

Listen ladies, if you are on the hunt for handmade gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday, then you are at the right place. It is apparent that a boyfriend appreciates a gift that was made originally for him by his lovely girlfriend and not just a gift picked up from the store.

Asides that, his birthday sometimes poses a kind of competition between you and the female members of his family – sisters, cousins, mother, etc. Well, here are handmade gifts that you can present to him, which reflects how much you value him and at the same time helps you stand out.

1. DIY window or picture frame for hanging special photos

This is a simple-to-make frame, on which he can hang special pictures, or you could actually hang pictures on it before presenting it to him. All you need to achieve this is a picture frame, set of pegs, thread, and nails.

2. Heart attack

This is literally bombarding him with a lot of hearts that will have your message on each one of them. You will simply need a box (the size depends on how big you desire), then cut different heart shaped cards to fill the box with. Write your message on each of the heart shaped cards, and preferably add a gift in the box also.

3. Picture slideshow or video message

I classify this as an option for a stand-alone gift or a gift that can accompany any other one. It gives you total freedom of creativity. You get to decide which pictures or video type you want to create.

4. Scrabble tiles with message

The example shows the names of a couple, but you can customize it to fit your own occasion. Just by using scrabble tiles to write your message, and fasten it to the frame with glue dots or adhesive (neatly).

5. Tiny message in an egg

Yes, it is what you think and it is possible without magic. All you will need is an egg (maybe two – one for practical), a pin, a pen and a piece of paper.

Carefully use the pin to punch a hole in the egg; gentle extract the content of the egg till you will have it empty and un-cracked. Paint the egg if you desire, tear a little piece of paper that could be rolled into the opening on the egg. Write your message in this paper and put it in the egg as shown in the picture.

6. Picture pillow case

Purchase a pillowcase with light color (suitable to be printed on), or take one of the ones you have already. Select nice pictures of him and you together, add your message to this, get it printed on the pillow case and gift it to him. This should be his best pillowcase for a long time.

7. Open when letters

Write a series of handwritten letters and put in different colored envelopes. Tag respective letters with an occasion or day when he should open and read. This is a gift that lasts a very long time even after the birthday. Do well to add a flower or any other little gift.

8. Hanging chess board

This is good for the chess lover. You actually will present him his favorite game, but also with a personal touch to it, which makes it just perfect and unique. Just by adding a frame to the regular chessboard, and attaching wooden platforms In between the tiles to hold the chess pieces upright.

You could make your own chess board if you desire, with few materials: wooden board base, sandpaper, checkerboard template, masking tape, utility knife, paint or spray paint.

9. Love light display

Its display is awesome and would look very good on the wall in his room. First, you need to cut a large piece of cardboard in love shape, attach different pictures from various moments in his life (could be baby pictures, to young pictures, and then recent pictures, the options are endless), add your message to this also, and tape the edges with the usual Christmas lights. This brightens up the room with love when switched on.

10. Date nights

Make a long list of date night plans and present to him. He gets to tick anyone he wants on the list and that would be your date choice for that particular night. The longer the list, the more the amount of pre-planned date nights for you two.

11. Love shaped letter

This is one that can go with any other gift. Putting your message creatively in a love shaped format is cute.

12. Custom deck of cards with love reasons

This is a simple to make DIY gift idea. It can be easily achieved by anyone, everyone, and at anytime. All you need is to make a list of reasons why you love him, or things that you wish him on this occasion – his birthday. Handwrite it on each card (I prefer handwriting to printing, because it adds that personal touch), perforate the cards and fasten them together with ribbons.

13. Candy jar with clever caption and his favorite candies

This is an idea that comes in handy when you need a last minute gift. Simply getting a jar of his favorite candy with cute captions, or you include the caption by yourself. You could even go ahead to write more captions on little sheets of paper and carefully fasten to each candy.

14. Floating memories

This depends on how long you have been in the relationship with him. Simply select one cute pic from every year (if you have been together for some years), or every month. Inflate some balloons and fasten the pictures to the end of each balloon with ribbons and glue dots. This would be more thrilling if you can discreetly get these to his room.

15. Picture puzzle

You can use a random or favorite picture of both of you together, inscribe a message on it and cut it into puzzle pieces.

16. Balloon gift trail

This is a kind of combining ideas #12 and 14 to get an even greater effect. Make a list of things you love about him, write them on little pieces of paper, fasten each one with a ribbon to each balloon. Place each balloon in such a way that they create a trail to an even bigger gift box at the end.

17. Pink marshmallows

Does he have love for the tempting albumen and gelatin mixture? Then make him marshmallows in love shape. You could even add birthday wishes on them as desired.

18. An advent calendar

Fill each day with photos and activities to go. This gives you room to totally be creative and full of surprise. You could even add a little gift for each day.

19. Unusual date ideas

Does he like doing crazy things with you? Or he always bring up such ideas and you had been playing the passive role. Well, this is your chance to give him a unique birthday gift and at the same time add some more interesting and spontaneous activities to the relationship.

Make a list of unusual ideas to go with a present to him, you will then have to just wait for him to select when these ideas will be tried out.

20. Special moments map

Sure you remember those places and dates. I mean special moments in the relationship, like where you first met each other, first date, first kiss, first road trip, etc. Buy a map, mark these points on it and tear it out (in love shape preferably). Place on a cardboard or frame, it is as simple as that.

21. Date dice

This is a medium to help randomly decide on date plans in a cute way. Just by purchasing or making little square boxes from cardboard or wood. Paint if required and move on to the most important part, which is selecting different date ideas to write or print on the sides of each dice.

The options could vary from, planning together, girl plans, boy plans, single date, group date, his choice, her choice, eat ins, dinner and movie, cash amounts for dates, and so on.

Whenever the desire for a date occurs, he just has to roll the dice and what comes up is what the date will be for that day.

22. All about you basket

This is a more exotic way of compiling a gift basket for a man. Tag the basket – all about you – and make various tags of his significant traits. Buy gifts that are related to this traits, add the tags and put all in the basket.

23. Man bouquet

Bouquets are known to be significantly related to women, but there is a way to make one strictly for a man.

Get a flower vase, buy little bottles of his favorite whiskey, snacks, hair shampoo, etc., and add them to the vase in a way that it appears as a bouquet.

24. Customize monopoly (lovopoly)

Using the usual monopoly board and replacing the tiles with your own pre planned outcomes. Converting it into a fun game for lovers.

25. Bag of hourly gifts

Get a number of gifts and wrap them such that the content cannot be guessed before opening. Write different time on the gifts, making the main gift come last. You boyfriend gets to open each gift at the time written on them. He could open every hour till the end of the day.

26. DIY photo clock

An easy-to-make, cute gift for that special boyfriend. You can make use of an old clock or buy a new one. Select a picture of him or both of you together, gently disassemble the clock and place the picture in it – it becomes the clock background.

Each time he looks at the time, he will smile with gratitude for having such a lovely girlfriend.

27. Handmade coupons

Get coupon templates and add your own prize ideas that your boyfriend would be able to claim prior to certain events or acts.

Example could be: cooking his special meal, breakfast in bed, sexy playlist, etc. And at the back should be clauses or conditions to consider when selecting each coupon. For example, for a dinner or special meal; there should be an advance notice, so you would have enough time to purchase the ingredients.

28. Sweetheart cherry pies

If he has a taste for cakes and pastries, then here is your chance to take advantage of this. Firstly, the cherry pie is irresistible (make it love shaped), and then the cherry in it will symbolize the heart.

29. Box of yearly presents

How old is he? Let’s take 27 for an example. Then you will need twenty-six little gifts and one major gift for his present birthday.

Wrap and tag them for each year. Leave a note for your birthday message to him in the last gift.

30. The love coupons

This falls strictly in the +18 category. The coupon will contain erotic prize ideas such as a wildcard for anything at anytime, 30 minutes back massage, servant for a day, foot and leg massage, etc.

Inasmuch as it serves as the perfect birthday present, it also adds more fun to the personal time spent together.

31. Cute handmade birthday card

This does not require for you to have special crafting skills or buying sophisticated card making materials. Just with few pieces of cardboards, buttons, ribbons, a pair of scissors, stamp sets, ink, and glue dots, you can create cute birthday cards.

Feel free to share more ideas of handmade birthday gifts for boyfriend with us. You can as well tell us which of the ideas worked best for you.

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