What to Get Your Boyfriend for His Birthday – 8 Tips for Everyone

what to get your boyfriend for his birthday

Yeah, I agree that I love my boyfriend, but I can’t say the same about his birthday. Well, that was the case few years ago, now I can actually get him a gift on his birthday – like a boss. Wondering how I overcame this challenge? Stay tuned, as I explain the simple tips that I apply every year and it really works.

1. Taking advantage of his addictions

What is that thing he loves doing most? I mean like music, sports, movies, whatever. Well, if he is a sport lover, it is time for you to see it as an advantage for you.

For example, for a football fan, you can purchase a blanket with the print of his favorite team.

If he loves baseball, you could buy a card from his birth year to present him – this is perfect for fans that love collecting baseball cards.

You could even consider monitoring the game calendar to understand when his team will have a big match. Just get two tickets to such a game and he will be very grateful. Try to add a note to help him understand he is free to go to the game with whomever he wants.

The options are unending. If he is a lover of fast cars, then you could take the opportunity to reserve an expensive sport car for him to ride in. A ride in one of his dream cars will be an experience he will always be grateful for.

If he loves watching television shows or movies, then your option could be to get a DVD series of his favorite television show or movies.

These are just a few ideas; you as the girlfriend are one of the few people in the best position to know what things he likes to do. So, consider this a great tool and select the best gift that he will appreciate.

2. Taking advantage of his newest gadget

Is he the type that likes buying the latest phones, computers, palmtops? Then you must have noticed how much time a technology buff spends on his gadgets.

Well, it is a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to present the perfect birthday gift. I’m not saying you have to go ahead to buy the latest phone or computer.

Which gadget is the newest that he bought and he is very fond of? You could just get an accessory to go with it.

For example, if he loves a particular pattern of artwork, then you can get a phone casing with that kind of artwork for his latest device. Just any cool accessory that will complement that gadget would do.

What if he is a game player? Maybe he has that new console and you noticed there is a latest game that he does not have in his collection. Just buy him that game CD; I’m sure he would be very glad.

3. Asking his friends

This is a trick that works most times. You know how guys are; they discuss details with their close friends. So, asking his close friends about what they think he would like for a present could be very helpful.

He might have not directly told them what he wants, but they would have clues from the series of conversations and time spent together. By the way, who is the best person to know what a friend would like for a gift?

4. Listening attentively

It is a thing to listen and another to be attentive at it. If you are a good listener, you must have managed to get some hints from previous conversations.

There should be a few things that he always talks about or planned to get. It does not necessarily have to be very expensive; there are these little things that he forgets to buy for himself.

For example, imagine how little a bottle opener is, but that does not make it less important to have. Just be attentive and notice these little essential things around him.

5. Cooking his favorite meal

It is not a new thing that not all ladies are good in the kitchen. Well, I believe if you really want to show your boyfriend that you care, it would not be too much to learn how to prepare his favorite food.

The fact that you are not good at cooking would even make it more precious to him. Take few lessons from friends, his sister if possible, or make use of the free Internet videos.

Even if you cannot manage to make this taste as delicious as it is meant to be, just make sure it is eatable at least.

If that will not work for you, can you bake a cake? Ok, if that would be too much as well, you could get a cake – but one that is not dressed. The idea here is for you to dress the cake by yourself. This would be your platform of customizing the cake with your message.

Write your birthday message on it with icing and wait to see the look on his face when you present it to him.

6. Noticing the little things

Is there anything in particular that he probably should have changed but still hasn’t? What if you mentioned this to him and he still did not?

Maybe he does not consider it old yet, or he just cannot let go because of his attachment to that particular one. Well, who said you have to wait for him to do it? You could actually surprise him with a replacement.

These could be in form of a pair of boots or slippers. Just make sure it is not done in a way that will offend him.

However, it does not have to only be replacing something old. It could be something that you noticed in the store, which he doesn’t already have and you know it will be nice on him.

This could be a nice pair of sunglasses, a fancy bottle of liquor and so on. Just pay attention and you should find these things.

7. Presenting him a chance for adrenalin rush/ adventure

This is for the action-packed boyfriend. Find out the closest place to you where you can reserve a helicopter ride. Well, it does not have to be just this; there are a whole lot of options to set him in the action mood.

Have you considered skydiving, or even kart racing. The one you select depends entirely on your budget and the things that you know he can do for this kind of fun.

8. Presenting him a fun improvement plan

This is a very wide category. The options could vary from a certificate to salsa dance lessons, to master classes in cooking, painting, music, arts, etc.

This is a chance for him to finally improve in various aspects and have fun at it. The job is yours to do, figure out the things that you would like to help him improve in.

Let me know which of the tips you will apply with your boyfriend and probably share his reaction with us. The comment section is open for all!

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