What to Get Your Girlfriend for Her Birthday – 8 Original Ideas

what to get your girlfriend for her birthday 8 unique ideas

Coming up with an original gift for your girlfriend is a challenge. But each guy wants to give his sweetheart the perfect gift.

To make it really unforgettable I suggest you to take a look on these 8 original ideas on what to get your girlfriend for birthday.

Before reading try to remember some short tips: be as more romantic and thoughtful this day as you can. Let her see that you care about her and her feelings. Think over what makes her happy and try to build on what you know. Never put yourself first. Make her see that you value every second of the time you spend together. Do things she loves the most, even if it’s not something that you really want to do.

Now let’s start with searching on what exactly to get girlfriend for her birthday by reading it backwards.

8. A collage made of her photos. It has a personal touch for both of you. This idea is for those guys who are on a budget, but this doesn’t make it any less adorable. On the contrary, girls prefer to get handmade gifts rather than those you’re going to buy in a shop (even expensive ones).

Take all of your photos from your trips, favorite moments, and include here some with her friends and family. It would be better if you make it heart-shaped. Just cut the photos properly and place them on a cork board. Leave some notes under each photo.

7. Tickets to the place she loves to visit. Think over her hobbies. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should come up with theater or cinema tickets. Think outside the box! It could be a music festival or dance lessons she likes to attend. Or something she wants to visit, but never has the time or money.

6. A gift basket. Full it with her favorite things: cookies, chocolates, tiny love-letters, bath accessories, cosmetics, funny socks, heart-shaped messages, her favorite magazines… Then wrap it in an original way using a lot of ribbons or even balloons. Before her birthday, hide it in your bedroom in secret from her. When you’re going to sleep, leave a clue on her pillow. On the morning of her birthday she’ll have a great time finding your gift basket!

5. Spa day. How about making your sweetheart relax after a hard day at work? Pick the day before her birthday so that she doesn’t miss all the calls from her family and friends. It’d be even better if you share this day with her so you can spend more time together.

4. Personalized gift. Give her a gift with her initials or photo engraved on the ring, for example, or necklace, locket, or bracelet. If you want to make her keep your gift as a souvenir forever, choose this birthday gift idea for your girlfriend.

3. Romantic dinner. Pick a romantic place like a beach, woods or even a roof with a city view. Decorate it with a lot of lights, candles and balloons. Think over her favorite meal. Order a bottle of champagne. Let it be more charming – take her for a slow dance under the starry sky. Make her feel like she’s the only one in the whole world.

2. Shopping trip. Girls love shopping. Besides, you want her to be beautiful on this day especially. So, take her on a shopping trip. She’ll have stars in her eyes when you’ll tell her about your birthday gift idea! Show her that you really care and share this amazing trip with her (even if you hate doing it).

1. Romantic getaway. I listed it first because time you spend together is the most valuable gift you can give. Take her to a country house for a weekend the day before or after her birthday. Spend this time just for the two of you. Have a great lot of fun with horse riding, nude swimming and laughing all the time… Or you can pick the most romantic hotel in your city. There should be a jacuzzi and a terrace for a nice breakfast in the morning.

Well, guys, I hope my article was useful for you so that now you know what to get your girlfriend on her birthday. If you liked it, share it with your guy friends. I’d be really glad if you left some comments below and helped me to improve my list of ideas.

Make your girlfriend feel like the happiest person in the world this day! Wishing you the best of luck.

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